Unconventional Graduation Celebrations and Customs

Exploring unusual graduation ceremonies, from extravagant parties to themed events, highlighting historical origins and showcasing diverse traditions.

00:00:03 An exploration of unusual graduation ceremonies, from extravagant parties to themed events, highlighting the historical origins of graduation ceremonies.

🎓 The concept of graduation ceremonies dates back to the 11th century in France.

🎉 Nowadays, graduation ceremonies have evolved into extravagant events with various performances and themes.

🌍 Different countries and universities have unique and peculiar graduation rituals.

00:01:07 A list of the weirdest graduation traditions, starting with the University of Notre Dame in the US. They treat their graduates like adults and engage in persuasive conversations.

🎓 Graduation ceremonies have unique traditions and rituals.

🎩 The tradition of throwing the graduation cap into the air originated in 1912 at the US Naval Academy.

🏫 Notre Dame University in Indiana has a unique tradition of treating their graduating students as adults.

00:02:12 A video about unusual graduation ceremonies where students smoke cigarettes with professors on a university balcony. There are also students who wear unique hats with designs of houses and towers. The video showcases the diversity of graduation traditions.

🎓 In some universities, students are allowed to smoke cigarettes with professors on a balcony.

🚬 At a business college, students smoke cigarettes during lectures.

👒 At Notre Dame University, some graduates wear unique hats with designs representing their backgrounds.

🏢 Smith College, a women-only college in Massachusetts, has a tradition dating back to 1911 where graduates maintain the balance of symmetry during graduation.

00:03:18 A unique graduation ceremony where students exchange certificates. In Finland, graduating doctoral students receive a sword as a symbol of their academic achievement.

🎓 During graduation, students hand over their certificates to others before searching for their own.

🌍 In Finland, graduation ceremonies at the University of Lunde are influenced by royal rituals.

🔪 Ph.D. graduates at the university are presented with a sword as recognition for their scholarly achievement.

00:04:29 A strange graduation tradition where graduates gather and throw garbage or food products at each other as a symbolic act. Some universities have changed this tradition.

🎓 Some graduation ceremonies involve students throwing trash at each other as a symbolic message about the future.

🍔 In some cases, students throw food products like cream and ketchup at each other to symbolize a prosperous life after graduation.

Some universities have changed these traditions due to objections, while others continue to participate.

🏞️ At one university, successful graduates are thrown into a lake as a form of celebration and accomplishment.

👗 Students from various universities have participated in this unique tradition and embraced the idea.

00:05:36 A graduation celebration turns into a bizarre punishment in a lake. The video showcases unusual graduation festivities and an unexpected twist at the end.

🎓 The graduation celebration in this video is unique and unusual, involving punishments and lake diving.

🌊 One student travels to the beach after graduation to listen to music and celebrate with friends.

👰💍 Instead of a traditional graduation ceremony, some students opt for engagement celebrations.

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