Update on Manchester United's Transfers: Amrabat, Gravenberch, and Maguire

Manchester United's transfer activities, including discussions with Amrabat and Gravenberch. Replacement for Maguire and potential loan move mentioned. Transfer situation complicated.

00:00:01 Updates on Manchester United's transfer activities, including discussions with Amrabat. No formal bid has been submitted yet, but he remains a priority for the club.

🔁 Man United has had ongoing contact with sopan amrabat and he is waiting for them.

Man United has not submitted a formal bid for sopan amrabat yet.

The deal with sopan amrabat depends on Man United's decision to bid and their other transfer targets.

💰 Man United needs to raise funds through player sales to complete the deal.

00:03:34 Update on Gravenberch and Amrabat transfers. Manchester United and Liverpool remain interested in Gravenberch. Bayern Munich considering Scott Mctom as a potential option. Harry Maguire open to a potential loan move. Replacement for Maguire would be challenging for Manchester United.

💰 Real Soad wants to wait until the end of the transfer window to sign Don Vanbeck due to differences in conditions and salary.

🔄 Bayern Munich and Manchester United are not currently negotiating for Ryan Grenberg, but both clubs remain in contact with his agents.

🔀 There is a possibility of Harry Maguire considering a potential loan move in the final days of the transfer window.

00:07:03 Manchester United's transfer situation is complicated, but they may accept a 30 million pound offer for Harry Maguire. Donny van de Beek and Moises Caicedo could also leave. United is looking to sign a new left back.

⚽️ Harry Maguire's loan deal to West Ham or any other club is complicated, but Man United may accept a 30 million pound offer for him.

💰 Negotiating Maguire's contract and finding a replacement will make it difficult for him to leave on loan.

In the final days of the transfer window, deals like Maguire's and Van de Beek's could still happen.

🔄 There is a chance for Donny Van de Beek to leave, especially if other clubs jump in, but Matic's situation is different.

🔴 Manchester United is looking to sign a new left back, possibly either Karella or Alonzo.

00:10:33 Man United considers multiple options for a left back and backup goalkeeper. A fourth option is being considered. A new signing is expected soon. A striker is unlikely due to budget allocation. No update on the Man United takeover.

💼 Man United considering loan deal for Kukura and other left back options.

✍️ Man United close to signing backup goalkeeper, Bajinder.

⚽️ Chances of signing a striker, such as A J Felix, are low due to budget constraints.

💰 The priorities for Man United are midfielder, left back, and goalkeeper signings.

📰 No new updates on the Man United takeover.

00:14:02 Manchester United transfer news: Updates on the potential transfers of Gravenberch and Amrabat. Fabrizio Romano provides insight and suggests United are interested in Amrabat, but there may be obstacles to overcome.

📰 Manchester United is keeping quiet and working behind the scenes on a potential transfer.

The situation with the transfer has been slow, but Manchester United is still working on it.

🔁 Amrabat is waiting on Manchester United for a potential move, and both parties are interested.

00:17:31 The video discusses the transfer situation of Gravenberch, Amrabat, and Maguire at Manchester United. Money is identified as the primary obstacle for progress in United's transfer window. There is speculation that deals may be finalized in the last 24 hours before the deadline. Bayern Munich is interested in Gravenberch, while Liverpool and Manchester United are interested in Amrabat. The potential transfers of Maguire and McTominay are also mentioned, with the speaker expressing their belief that they are not part of the future of Manchester United.

📢 Man United's transfer window is not progressing due to financial issues.

💰 Maguire will stay at United because of disagreement over his wages.

Many deals, including Amrabat and McTominay, are expected to be done in the last 24 hours of the transfer deadline.

00:21:03 Gravenberch & Amrabat transfers! Fabrizio Romano Man Utd Transfer News: Option A is preferred, looking for excitement on transfer deadline day. Hope to achieve multiple deals in 5 days, including Amrabat, Graebnberch, and a center back. Squad disintegrating with injuries.

⚽️ The speaker expresses the need for Manchester United to prioritize option A transfers over cheaper options.

🤝 There is a level of excitement and expectation for transfers to be completed before the deadline.

📅 The speaker suggests that despite past mistakes, there is hope for Manchester United to make significant transfers in the remaining five days.

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