Frustrating Experience on French Game Show '12 coups de midi'

Contestant shares frustrating experience on French game show '12 coups de midi', expressing disappointment with easy questions and reflecting on personal life.

00:00:00 A YouTube video about the contestant's experience on the show '12 coups de midi'. He describes the selection process and his journey to Paris, despite knowing he would lose.

📺 The speaker recalls watching a TV show called 'Les 12 Coups de Midi'.

🎥 The speaker describes the selection process for participating in the show.

💸 The speaker discusses the financial burden of participating in the show.

00:03:16 In this video, the speaker talks about their experience on a TV show called '12 coups de midi' and their aspirations to become a comedian. They also mention their studies in law and their appearance in a short film. The speaker expresses frustration with difficult questions and reflects on their personal life.

👟 Wearing Nike high-top shoes and skinny jeans, the speaker reminisces about participating in a popular quiz show.

🎓 The speaker left law school to pursue a career in sports and is currently studying law and preparing for Sciences Po.

💡 The speaker aspires to become an actor and has appeared in a short film.

00:06:29 A contestant on the French TV show 'Les 12 coups de midi' discusses his experience and frustration with the easy questions. He expresses his disappointment after losing a duel.

🔍 The video is about a participant in a game show called 'Les 12 Coups de Midi'.

🤔 The participant discusses the easy questions on the show and how the audience becomes attached to the 'maître de midi'.

😕 The participant answers questions incorrectly and expresses frustration.

00:09:44 A contestant on a TV show discusses his journey and shares his favorite song, while struggling to answer questions and dealing with criticism.

🎶 The speaker discusses their favorite Corsican song, the Corsican anthem, as it holds a special significance for them.

🎵 There is a mention of a popular song by Eddy Mitchell, but the speaker does not know the lyrics.

📺 The speaker recalls a question about Emma Watson on a TV show and expresses hope for a certain answer.

00:12:59 A contestant realizes a misunderstanding and apologizes. The contestant competes in a face-off for a chance to win a cash prize. Tense moments ensue as questions are answered. The contestant successfully answers questions and wins the prize.

💡 The speaker apologizes for a misunderstanding with Claire and reveals that the alliance was with someone else.

🤝 The speaker explains their incorrect answers during the game but expresses confidence in their consistency.

💰 The speaker celebrates a successful challenge and the money won in the jackpot.

00:16:14 A contestant on the game show 'Les 12 coups de midi' impresses with their knowledge and confidence, stunning the audience and viewers.

The contestant answers difficult questions correctly, surprising everyone.

The contestant gains respect and becomes a sensation.

The contestant finally loses after an impressive winning streak.

00:19:28 A contestant on a French TV show answers questions about various topics and wins 30,000 euros but is disappointed when a promised hotel prize falls through.

📺 The video is about a contestant's experience on a popular TV show called 'Les 12 coups de midi'.

✈️ They answer a difficult question about the band 'Zermots' in 1985.

❤️ The contestant discusses a heart-related medical condition and their final prize of a romantic hotel stay.

Summary of a video "J'ai retrouvé mon passage dans les 12 coups de midi..." by Maxime Biaggi on YouTube.

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