Reimagining Corporate Education: Developing Skills for the Future

The future of corporate education and the importance of investing in employee development are discussed, emphasizing skill development and personalized learning experiences.

00:00:01 This video discusses the future of corporate education and the importance of investing in employee development. It emphasizes the need to understand the current learning process and adapt it to future needs. The conversation involves experts from The Green and Dasa.

🎓 Skills are the currency of the future of work, and investing in employee development is crucial.

💼 The future of learning in the corporate environment needs to happen now.

💡 The evolution of learning formats, from traditional courses to experiential and continuous learning, is essential.

00:08:34 The future of learning in organizations is reimagined as a hub of skills, focusing on developing and managing skills that align with business impact. Organizations need to prioritize skill development to adapt to changing work models and stay competitive.

📚 The changing landscape of work and the COVID-19 crisis have highlighted the need for organizations to prioritize developing new skills in their workforce.

🎯 A dynamic skill strategy allows organizations to focus on identifying skill gaps and investing in employee development, resulting in higher learning retention and increased productivity.

🌍 Continuous learning and skill development are crucial in a rapidly evolving work environment, as skills become obsolete at a rate of 30% in just three years.

00:17:08 A discussion on how a company is reinventing corporate education to provide personalized learning experiences, focusing on individual skills and using technology to deliver relevant content.

📚 The video discusses how the company is reimagining corporate education, with a focus on personalized learning and individual skill development.

💼 The company uses technology and partnerships to support the education of its 50,000 employees, with a strong emphasis on individuality and skill mapping.

🌟 Through personalized learning, the company aims to create a culture of continuous learning and growth, resulting in a positive impact on employee engagement and business outcomes.

00:25:42 Education corporate reimagined: the future of learning in organizations. Importance of prioritizing learning, finding value, and creating a culture of continuous learning. Influencers and technology enable transformation and increase engagement.

📚 The importance of employees seeing the value of learning within the organization.

Prioritizing learning by finding value and dedicating time to it.

💡 Learning should be focused on developing skills and providing career growth opportunities in order to retain employees.

00:34:16 Rethinking corporate education: the future of learning in organizations. The HR professional's role is evolving to that of a learning ecosystem designer. The goal is to ensure individual needs are met, with adaptability and agility being key. A shift towards decentralized learning and strategic partnership with the business.

🔑 The future of corporate education involves individualized learning solutions and a shift in the role of HR professionals.

🌍 Organizations need to adapt and reinvent their education models to keep up with the agility of the business world.

📚 A culture of continuous learning and skill progression is essential for success, and HR plays a strategic role in enabling and supporting this culture.

00:42:51 Reimagined corporate education: the future of learning in organizations. Focus on developing both technical and behavioral skills, monitoring the most accessed skills, and the role of leaders as sponsors and facilitators of learning.

💡 The demand for both technical and behavioral skills is increasing in the corporate world.

👥 Leaders play a crucial role in creating favorable situations for the development of their teams and influencing a culture of continuous learning.

📈 The organization has a dedicated team to support its digital education strategy, with a focus on providing online solutions to a large number of employees.

00:51:24 The future of learning in organizations is being reimagined through corporate education. Developing human skills is crucial for professional growth and maintaining a healthy culture. Organizations should focus on identifying and maximizing the talents of their employees through education and fostering a learning mindset.

📚 Education plays a crucial role in transforming talents and developing key skills for future success.

💼 In addition to technical skills, organizations value emotional intelligence, creativity, time management, and assertive communication.

🌟 Investing in human skills is essential to compete with technology and foster a healthy organizational culture.

Summary of a video "Educação corporativa reimaginada: o futuro da aprendizagem nas organizações" by Revista HSM Management on YouTube.

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