The Truth About Organic Food and Health Assessment

Discover the truth about organic food and the importance of waist circumference in assessing health. Nutritionist answers viewer questions.

00:00:00 Learn about the best diet for health and longevity: eat real food, mostly plants, and drink lots of water. Too much protein is harmful, as it cannot be stored like carbs and fat. The origins of the ketogenic diet lie in its effectiveness in treating seizures.

🍎 The best diet for health and longevity is to eat real food, mostly plants.

🥩 Excessive protein intake can be harmful as it cannot be stored in the body.

🤔 The ketogenic diet originated from the discovery that restricting fuel to the brain could help treat seizures.

00:02:05 A nutritionist answers common questions about healthy diets, including whether organic food is really more nutritious and the importance of waist circumference in determining health. Myth debunked: not all carbohydrates are bad.

🍎 A ketogenic diet is sometimes used to treat seizures, but it may starve the brain of a key nutrient.

🍞 Carbohydrates are an essential part of a healthy diet, but refined grains and added sugar should be avoided.

💪 Adding muscle through resistance training can help change your metabolism and increase calorie burning.

🔥 Not all calories are created equal, as whole foods fill you up on fewer calories compared to ultra-processed foods.

00:04:11 Exploring the effectiveness of organic food and debunking the reliance on BMI for health assessment. Discover the risks of excess abdominal fat and the limitations of the paleo diet.

📊 BMI is not a reliable measure of health; waist circumference is more accurate and indicates health risks for both men and women.

🥩 The paleo diet is difficult to achieve in the modern world and may not be as healthy as people think due to the differences in the types and sources of meat and the lack of fiber.

👥 Accumulating excess body fat can have negative health effects, including liver dysfunction, impaired lipid management, insulin resistance, and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

00:06:19 This video discusses the nutritional value of organic food and emphasizes the importance of waist circumference as a measure of health. A nutritionist answers questions from viewers. GQ Taiwan.

Girl dinner is a quick assembly of convenient foods.

Trading unhealthy snacks for healthier alternatives can improve overall nutrition.

Organic food may be better for human health due to the absence of harmful substances.

00:08:25 A nutritionist explains the benefits of organic food and why it's more nutritious. Intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet are also discussed.

🥦 Organic food is generally more nutritious, containing 20% more micronutrients than non-organic food.

Intermittent fasting can be an effective tactic for weight loss and control by reducing calorie intake.

🥩 The ketogenic diet attempts to mimic the effects of starvation, leading to potential benefits but also side effects.

00:10:31 In this video, a nutritionist answers questions about healthy eating. Topics include the ketogenic diet, cutting out soda, gluten-free diets, and plant-based nutrition.

🥦 The ketogenic diet is not recommended for long-term use as it restricts nutritious foods associated with longevity and vitality.

🥤 Soda should be cut from the diet as it contains empty calories and excess sugar.

🌾 Avoiding gluten is only important for those who are gluten-sensitive.

🌱 Plant-based diets can provide sufficient nutrition, including protein and essential minerals.

🍽️ The food pyramid has been replaced by a plate model where three-quarters of the plate should be filled with vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.

00:12:36 Is organic food really more nutritious? Nutritionist answers questions about healthy standards based on waist circumference!

Micronutrient deficiencies used to be a problem, but now it's about macronutrient excess.

When looking at ingredient lists, choose foods that you recognize as actual food.

Pre-workout, consume carbohydrates to fuel your glycogen stores; post-workout, consume high-quality protein and antioxidants for recovery.

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