The Gods Are His Disciples [Part 1-2] - Manhwa Recap

Juhyak reincarnates and trains to destroy the Tower of Destruction, facing challenges. Juhyak excels in sparring, defeats opponents easily, and prepares to enter the forest.

00:00:00 In a world where hunter institutions exist, a man named Juhyak reincarnates 300 years into the future. He embarks on a journey to destroy the Tower of Destruction and trains to become stronger while facing challenges and meeting new characters.

🎥 The video is a recap of a Manhwa titled 'The Gods Are His Disciples' Parts 1-2.

🥋 The story follows a protagonist named Juhyak who is an orphan and a hunter-in-training at Valhalla Academy.

💥 Juhyak showcases his exceptional skills and talents, impressing both his instructors and fellow students.

00:15:41 A student named Juhyak delves into the depths of the training grounds, encountering a strange artifact and an old acquaintance. He faces off against bullies and impresses his teacher with his swordsmanship skills.

📚 Joo-hyuk is given permission to access lower floors of the academy.

🗝️ Joo-hyuk enters an artifact room and meets Barky, who explains that he has been trapped there for 300 years.

⚔️ Joo-hyuk defeats a group of bullies and impresses his teacher with his swordsmanship skills.

00:32:03 In a world where constellations grant power, Juhyok and Aaron prepare for a dungeon raid exam. Aaron follows Juhyok's guidance, leading to surprising results.

📚 Adalia, the vice house owner, plans to test the capabilities of two strong men recruited from the Labyrinth.

💪 Juhyok reflects on his body's talent for using Mana and its unexplained condition, while encountering Soyan and receiving a note from her.

💎 Juhyok discovers a black market in the market and learns about the value of artifacts from the era of Destruction, leading him to consider selling them at an auction.

00:48:25 A high school student named Juhyak surprises his teachers with his exceptional performance in the dungeon exam, while a mysterious figure named Disra seeks revenge on him.

🤝 Soyan demonstrates strong leadership skills during a group attack.

🏆 Juhyok excels in the exam, finishing first and surprising the teachers.

🔪 Rockdale seeks revenge on Juhyok with the help of Disra.

01:04:47 A student confronts a mercenary who reveals important information. The video recap shows the aftermath of the incident and the ventric family's response. Meanwhile, the protagonist rejects an offer and plans his next move.

📝 Juhyok confronts Disra and gathers information about the First Species.

📱 Juhyok plans to upload recordings of Disra's confession to expose the Ventric family.

👥 The Ventric family denies involvement in the attack and plans to investigate Rockdale.

01:21:09 In Part 1-2 of 'The Gods Are His Disciples', Aaron and her brother clash in a fierce battle. Despite her brother's contract with an evil constellation, Aaron emerges victorious with the help of Juhyak. Juhyak reveals that he has been searching for a technique book called the Goddards to increase his magical power.

🔑 Aaron learns to sense magic and improve her magical control with the help of her brother, Juhyak.

⚔️ Aaron fights against her brother and defeats him, but he reveals his allegiance to an evil group.

💥 Juhyak intervenes and fights against Aaron's brother, revealing his own powers and secrets.

01:37:31 Juhyak excels in the individual sparring and defeats all opponents easily. In the team battle, he eliminates the White Lotus group single-handedly, surprising everyone.

🌳 The exam will be held in the Great Forest, and those who pass will be exempt from the final exam.

🎁 Black Cat is asked by their constellation to build a mysterious structure as a gift, but they don't know who it's for.

📚 The Valhalla students prepare for a three-day competition, including individual sparring and team battles.

01:53:54 In this Manhwa recap, Juhyok eliminates enemies and prepares to enter the forest. Watch till the end and leave a comment to support the channel.

👥 The main character eliminates his enemies and prepares to enter the forest.

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