Exploring Ancient Rome with Checker Tobi

Join Checker Tobi on an adventure through ancient Rome to learn about daily life, inventions, and the impact of Roman culture. Discover Julius Caesar's achievements and the life of Roman soldiers.

00:00:02 Join Checker Tobi on a journey to ancient Rome to discover how the Romans lived and what Roman soldiers did. Explore the city of Rome and learn about Roman inventions that still exist today.

🏛️ The city of Rome was founded over 2,700 years ago on seven hills and quickly grew into a massive world empire.

⚔️ The ancient Romans were highly advanced and made significant contributions such as advancements in water supply and road infrastructure.

👣 The video explores the daily life of the ancient Romans, including their language, rulers, and the role of Roman soldiers.

00:03:38 Explore the ancient Roman way of life in this children's documentary. Discover how they lived in multi-story apartment buildings and had innovative systems like aqueducts.

🏛️ The video explores the architecture of ancient Rome, particularly the insulae, which were multi-story apartment buildings that housed many families.

👗 The clothing of ancient Romans, such as tunics and togas, is discussed, highlighting the differences in attire between men and women.

💰 The ancient Romans used coins as currency, with larger coins made of copper or bronze and smaller coins made of silver or gold.

🚰 The Romans had advanced systems to transport water, including aqueducts, which brought water to the houses and allowed for the use of flushing toilets.

👥 The wealthy Romans owned slaves who served them and had very few rights or freedoms.

00:07:25 A look into the life of Roman children and their education. Roman culture influenced many European languages, including German and English.

🏛️ In ancient Rome, rich families paid for private education for their children as there were no public schools.

📚 Children in Roman schools learned reading, writing, mathematics, and public speaking in Latin.

🌍 The influence of the Roman culture can still be found in various languages and cultures across Europe.

00:10:59 A kid-friendly report about the ancient Romans, showcasing their beliefs in multiple gods and their rituals. We explore the Colosseum and the Forum Romanum, and learn about Julius Caesar's rise to fame.

👑 The ancient Romans believed in multiple gods, with Jupiter being the main deity responsible for lightning, thunder, and air.

🏛️ The Colosseum was a famous venue where Gladiator fights took place, and it could accommodate around 50,000 spectators.

🗳️ The Roman Republic allowed the people to have a say in decision making, with Senators being elected as the ruling politicians.

00:14:33 A child-friendly report on the achievements of Julius Caesar, a famous Roman military leader who conquered Gaul and aspired to be a dictator.

Caesar's ambition for political power and his successful military campaigns

Caesar's character traits, including his vanity and determination for sole rule

Caesar's assassination by the Senate and his lasting fame

00:18:10 Discover the life of Roman soldiers through camps, marches, and conquests. Learn about their training, equipment, and the impact of their infrastructure.

🏰 The Roman soldiers used portable wooden camps called castrum to establish temporary bases during their campaigns.

💪 The Roman legionaries were highly trained and physically fit individuals who had to meet specific requirements to become part of the legion.

🌍 The Roman legions were stationed around Rome and used their military prowess to conquer new lands, establish cities, and build roads that served as the foundation for our modern road system.

⚔️ The Roman soldiers were equipped with heavy armor that provided protection against projectiles, and they trained in combat formations.

00:21:48 Explore ancient Roman tactics and discover how they influenced modern-day policing. Also, learn about the main Roman god, Jupiter.

🛡️ The Romans utilized discipline and precise battle formations to defeat larger armies.

🐢 The 'Mauertaktik' or Wall Formation and 'Schildkrötenformation' or Turtle Formation were effective strategies used by the Romans for protection.

Jupiter was the main god worshipped by the ancient Romans, responsible for lightning, thunder, and the air.

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