The Process of Making Meat Products and the Technology Involved

Food technologist at Bell Schweiz AG uses robotics and advanced machinery to ensure quality control in meat production.

00:00:00 Fesnike Rushiti, a food technologist at Bell Schweiz AG, ensures quality control in food production using modern robotics and advanced machinery.

📚 Fesnike Rushiti is a Lebensmitteltechnologin at Bell Schweiz AG and she is responsible for checking and controlling the production process of food from raw materials to the final product.

🔬 She performs quality control by observing and recognizing any issues that may arise, such as checking the salt concentration in the product.

🎓 As a trainee, Fesnike emphasizes the importance of having a strong understanding of physics, chemistry, and microbiology in her role.

00:01:04 Lebensmitteltechnologin EFZ discusses the process of making meat products and the technology involved.

🎓 Learning about the process of food production

😊 Finding joy and satisfaction in meeting requirements and completing tasks

🛠️ Appreciating the technology involved in food production

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