Understanding the Times: Fulfillment of Prophecies and Global Control

The video discusses the current times, the importance of understanding them, and the fulfillment of prophecies in Hollywood. It highlights the control of global humanity and emphasizes discerning the times for upcoming Glory Days.

00:00:09 In this video, the speaker talks about the current times being glory days for the righteous and gloomy for the wicked. They discuss the importance of understanding the times and not letting fear cause us to miss what God is doing. The speaker also asks viewers to send in pictures of their loved ones for prayer and discusses the need to remember and help those who are lacking.

The speaker expresses gratitude for the audience and emphasizes the control of God.

The speaker urges the audience to send in pictures of their loved ones for prayer.

The speaker asks the audience to support the ministry by remembering and helping those in need.

00:12:07 A prophecy about the entertainment industry being shaken and God's glory shining in Hollywood is being fulfilled. Support Christian movies and see the influence of God in Hollywood.

🎥 God's prophecy about the entertainment industry in Hollywood is being fulfilled.

💥 There is a shaking happening in the entertainment industry, including Hollywood.

🌍 The entertainment industry holds significant influence in the world.

00:24:03 The control of global humanity is through the manipulation of finances, family, education, government, media, and entertainment. Babylon, represented by Hollywood, will be destroyed by God, and evil will tremble. The mountains will melt like wax, and God's glory will be seen by all.

There are families who create money out of thin air and use it as bribes and payoffs to control people and institutions globally.

The control mechanism includes the financial system, family, church, education system, government, and media, with Hollywood being a significant part of the entertainment industry.

According to scripture, God will intervene and destroy the Babylonian system, represented by the seven hills, and bring about a time of divine justice and glory.

00:36:01 The video discusses various events and signs that indicate a divine plan at work. It mentions the alignment of significant dates and the potential downfall of Hollywood. The speaker emphasizes the importance of discerning the times and prepares the audience for upcoming Glory Days.

🔑 The video discusses how certain details and events align perfectly, suggesting divine design.

The speaker emphasizes the need to discern the times and seasons and to be aware of current events.

💡 The speaker mentions the fall of Hollywood and the rise of movies that glorify Jesus.

00:47:59 In this video, the speaker discusses the concept of debt release and the importance of the year of Jubilee. They mention upcoming events such as Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and suggest that something significant may happen on those dates. They also highlight the idea of hidden treasures and encourage viewers to receive them.

God is putting treasure in our change and wants to bless us with financial abundance.

The concept of Jubilee and debt release every 50 years.

The upcoming season of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur as significant times for potential miracles and blessings.

00:59:58 September Woe The Tide's are Turning. Jesus in the wilderness, Yom Kippur judgment, Jubilee, second chronicles unfulfilled, nation turns from wicked ways, God's healing, rise of Christian Nation, manifestation of glory, Kim Clement's prophecy, chaos in September, overturning of Roe v Wade, Yom Kippur day of judgment.

⚡️ The video discusses the significance of Yom Kippur and the potential for a major event to occur on September 25th.

🔥 The speaker suggests that Isaiah 61 implies that God will bring vengeance in the time of judgment.

💡 The 50th-year Jubilee mentioned in Leviticus is seen as a significant year, and the speaker believes that it may be happening now.

01:11:59 September Woe The Tide's are Turning. A powerful month of trumpets and Open Heavens. Exciting events happening in Arizona and Tennessee. The battle against darkness intensifies. Be patient, cautious, and prepared. God is in control.

🗓️ This month is significant with the start of the fall feasts and a powerful conference in Arizona.

💒 There will be events in Arizona and Tennessee, with the anticipation of God's presence and powerful teachings.

📚 Nathan and the speaker have written powerful books that will be available at the events.

Summary of a video "September Woe The Tide's are Turning" by MEGA PRAISE MINISTRIES on YouTube.

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