iPhone 15 Reactions: Camera, Battery, and Pricing

Reacting to the iPhone 15 at the Apple Event, TheGrefg discusses the impressive camera, improved battery life, and affordable pricing.

00:00:00 Reacting to the iPhone 15 at the Apple Event. Critiquing the lack of charger, previous iPhone performance, but still excited to buy. Apple CEO presents new products. Impressed by affordable laptops and stylish glasses. Concerned about battery life.

📱 The video is about the new iPhone presented at the Apple event.

There is also a new Apple watch introduced with a different strap.

💻 Apple presents new affordable laptops.

00:01:49 Reacting to the latest iPhone release at Apple Event, TheGrefg explores the improved features, including a new night mode and Bluetooth connectivity for cycling. Impressed with the battery life, he discusses the phone's environmental impact.

The video is a reaction to the iPhone 15 announcement at the Apple Event.

The speaker discusses the features of the new iPhone, including its control capabilities and camera function.

There is a mention of the speaker's excitement about the Apple Watch and its nighttime mode.

00:03:33 Reacting to the iPhone 15 at the Apple Event with TheGrefg. The camera and portrait mode are impressive, rivaling professional cameras. Battery life has improved, but don't expect to make friends or find a girlfriend by buying it.

📱 TheGrefg reacts to the iPhone 15 and shares his experiences with previous iPhone models.

📸 The camera quality of the iPhone is impressive, rivaling even expensive professional cameras.

🔋 The battery life of the iPhone has not improved significantly in the new model.

00:05:15 Reaction to the iPhone 15 at the Apple Event. The new iPhone can be charged with USB-C, finally eliminating the need for a special cable. Pricing starts at $799 for the 128GB version.

📱 The iPhone 15 has a major change with the introduction of a USB-C port, allowing users to use the same cable for multiple devices.

💰 The iPhone 15 is priced at $799 for the 128GB model, which some find surprising considering the new features.

🔋 The iPhone 15 is made with a more durable and lightweight material, possibly titanium, making it the lightest iPhone yet.

00:07:02 Reacting to the iPhone 15 announcement at #AppleEvent. Surprised by the changes and new features, including a powerful processor and advanced camera technology.

📱 The iPhone 15 is being introduced at an Apple event.

💥 A significant change is the inclusion of a three-nanometer GPU.

🎮 The iPhone will feature ray tracing and gaming capabilities.

00:08:47 Reaction to the iPhone 15 #AppleEvent by TheGrefg. Highlights include an improved 48MP camera, advanced zoom, and the ability to capture wide-angle videos for VR with additional glasses. The iPhone 15 Pro is priced at €1199 for 256GB.

📱 The iPhone 15 has a more advanced 48-megapixel camera and a longer optical zoom.

📸 The iPhone 15 Pro combines the wide-angle camera with the main camera for capturing wide videos.

💰 The iPhone 15 Pro starts at 1199 euros and has storage options up to 6 terabytes.

00:10:33 Reacting to the iPhone 15 #AppleEvent. The new model is cheaper than previous years, starting at $1000. Choosing the 512GB version, it costs around $1700.

💰 The iPhone 15 is priced lower than previous models, starting at $1000.

📱 The iPhone 15 comes in different colors and storage capacities, with the 512GB option being popular.

📦 The iPhone 15 Pro Max comes with the phone and a USB-C charging cable, but not the thicker cable.

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