The Baby Human - Shopping Cart Study

Researchers study if 15-month-old Ainslie understands how to maneuver a shopping cart towards her mother, observing self-awareness and problem-solving skills in 16-18 month-old children.

00:00:03 Researchers conduct a shopping cart study to observe if 15-month-old Ainslie understands how to maneuver the cart towards her mother.

👶 The shopping cart study examines if a 15-month-old baby can figure out how to reach their mother.

🛒 Researchers believe that a sense of self is crucial for the baby to solve this problem.

🚼 The study shows that at 15 months, the baby doesn't understand that their body is stopping the cart.

00:01:17 Children between 16 and 18 months learn self-awareness and problem-solving skills by figuring out how to move a shopping cart.

🛒 The baby humans in the study are trying to figure out why the shopping cart won't move.

🧠 Jonathan, at 18 months, realizes that he is the obstacle to the cart's movement, showing self-awareness.

🚶‍♀️ Abigail, also 18 months, quickly understands that her mother's absence is the problem and fixes it.

00:02:22 Research shows that baby humans become self-aware after 18 months of life, as demonstrated in the Shopping Cart Study.

🧒🛒 Researchers conducted a study on babies and shopping carts.

🤔 The study found that babies become self-aware after 18 months of life.

🤯 A baby's solution to prevent a shopping cart from moving was to roll up the mat.

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