Tech News Recap: Meta's Recording Glasses and Privacy-Focused Wearables

A recap of the top tech news this week, featuring Meta's recording glasses and more. Privacy-focused wearable device with advanced features. Exciting progress in Quantum Computing.

00:00:00 A week in tech filled with new announcements, including Meta's AI glasses that can record without detection, Humane AI's debut at Paris fashion week, and Amazon's billion-dollar investment in a powerful new AI model.

šŸ“° Meta announced their new AI glasses with Rayban that allow users to record without others knowing.

šŸ‘“ Humane AI made its debut in Paris fashion week and received investment from Amazon.

šŸ’» Amazon invested billions into a company working on a new, more powerful AI model.

00:01:27 A recap of the latest tech news, including Meta's collaboration with Rayban on improved glasses with audio and camera features. The potential privacy concerns surrounding the use of these glasses are also discussed.

šŸ‘“ Meta and Rayban collaborated to release improved glasses with audio and camera features.

šŸ“· There are concerns about privacy and the potential misuse of these glasses for recording without consent.

šŸ¤– Humane AI pin debuted on Naomi Campbell during Paris fashion week.

00:02:53 A summary of the video is about the top tech news of the week, including Meta's recording glasses and more.

One of the main backers for Humane is Sam Alman, who used to work at Open AI.

Humane has developed a piece of hardware that can be worn on clothing and notifies the user of incoming calls or texts.

The founder of Humane demonstrated the capabilities of the device.

Tech journalist Walt mber predicted that technology would become invisible in the future.

00:04:19 Privacy-focused wearable device with always-on listening capability. Device aims to prioritize trust. Tesla releases affordable model.

šŸ” There is a device that will always be listening to you, which raises privacy concerns.

šŸ”’ The company claims to prioritize privacy and trust in their products.

šŸ“± There is speculation about whether this device could replace iPhones.

00:05:46 An electric SUV with an affordable starting price of $443,000 has been released. It qualifies for a federal EV tax credit of $7500. Quantum Computing is also making exciting progress.

Tesla released a new electric SUV with a starting price of $443,000, which is $3,700 less than the discontinued AWD model.

The new electric SUV qualifies for a federal EV tax credit of $7500.

The video also discusses the advancements and excitement around Quantum Computing.

00:07:12 A mind-blowing week in tech with Quantum Computing's impact on encryption defense discussed. Guard rails being developed to prevent encryption breakage.

Quantum computers have the ability to process multiple scenarios at once, which is mind-blowing.

However, the downside is that encryption could be easily broken in a matter of seconds with quantum computers.

Researchers are working on developing guard rails to prevent quantum computers from breaking encryption.

00:08:38 This week's tech news was lighter, but had a big impact. Topics included AI, quantum computing, and ongoing conversation in the comments. Subscribe for more!

šŸ“° This week's tech news was relatively light, but the few things that did happen had a significant impact.

šŸ’» One of the key highlights was the discussion around quantum computing and its potential future.

šŸ’¬ The video encourages viewers to leave comments and engage in a conversation about quantum computing.

šŸ‘‹ The host concludes by asking viewers to subscribe and promises more tech news in the future.

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