8 Solutions for Thinning Skin and Aging Gracefully

Discover 8 solutions for thin skin and combat signs of aging. From wrinkles to vertical lip lines, this video discusses common concerns and their causes. Learn about retinol, estrogen, alpha hydroxy acids, polylactic acid, and more.

00:00:00 Discover eight solutions to thicken your skin and combat signs of aging in this video. From wrinkles to vertical lip lines, the speaker discusses common skin concerns and their causes, including hormonal changes.

🔑 Thinning of the skin can be frustrating, but there are solutions to thicken the dermis.

👁️ Wrinkles, especially around the eyes, are a common concern due to thinning skin.

👄 Vertical lip lines are a frustrating issue that can be prevented with early awareness.

00:03:09 Discover the 8 solutions for thin skin. Causes include aging, estrogen loss, photo damage, inflammation, stress, and skin color. Retinols improve skin integrity and collagen production.

🔑 Estrogen loss and aging are major contributors to thinning skin.

🔑 Photo damage and chronic inflammation also cause thinning of the skin.

🔑 Stress and skin color/type can affect the thickness of the skin.

💡 Using retinols can improve skin integrity and collagen elasticity.

00:06:23 This video discusses thin skin solutions, including the use of retinol and estrogen hormones. It highlights the effectiveness of retinol in reducing wrinkles and its impact on cellular and molecular properties of the skin. The video also addresses the correlation between loss of estrogen and skin thinning.

🔍 Topical application of retinol significantly reduces facial wrinkles.

💡 Retinol affects cellular and molecular properties of the skin, confirmed by skin biopsy.

⚖️ Loss of estrogen correlates with thinning of the skin, leading to more lines and wrinkles.

00:09:34 Discover 8 solutions for better skin and aging gracefully without hormones or risky treatments. From laser therapy to topical creams, find the right option for you.

💡 The correlation between hormones and dermal thickness is significant.

💄 Estrogen creams are available through prescription from compounding pharmacies or medical clinics.

🔬 CO2 laser treatment targets water in the skin, improving brown spots, wrinkles, and texture, but requires a three-week recovery period.

🧴 Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) creams are effective in improving skin texture.

00:12:34 This video discusses two solutions for thin skin: alpha hydroxy acids and polylactic acid. Alpha hydroxy acids have been shown to increase skin thickness and improve quality. Polylactic acid, when injected under the skin, stimulates collagen production and thickens the dermis.

🔑 Alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid, can increase skin thickness, improve quality, and stimulate collagen production.

📐 Sculptor, a polylactic acid injection, can be used to thicken the dermis and tighten the skin, especially in the cheek area.

💉 These treatments have been proven effective and are FDA approved for various skin improvements.

00:15:45 This video discusses thin skin solutions including a recently FDA approved treatment, the importance of exercise for skin thickness, and the benefits of using a high-quality moisturizer.

💉 FDA approval allows for training on a certain procedure that promotes collagen production.

🏋️ Exercise can increase dermal thickness and reverse skin thinning.

🧴 Choosing the right moisturizer with organic ingredients is important for effective hydration.

00:18:47 Discover 8 solutions for thin skin without relying on sponsorships or brand names. Learn about natural moisturizers, injectables, and platelet-rich fiber for under-eye and hand thinning. Don't miss out on ways to boost collagen naturally for healthier, glowing skin.

💧 Using a moisturizer that does not irritate or inflame the skin can decrease inflammation and promote thicker dermis and better skin health.

👀 Platelet rich fiber injections can help with thinning skin under the eyes and hands, and have long-lasting effects, improving the appearance of fat loss.

💊 The popularity and availability of certain skincare treatments can be influenced by financial interests, such as fillers and devices that have high markups, while all natural treatments may not be approved in some countries.

Summary of a video "8 THIN SKIN SOLUTIONS !!" by Dr. Anil Rajani on YouTube.

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