Texting Mistakes to Avoid: How to Ruin Your Chances with Women

Learn about the 13 texts that can ruin your chances with women and how to avoid them. Get tips on proper texting etiquette and building relationships.

00:00:00 Learn about 13 texts that can ruin your chances with women and the importance of avoiding them. Includes tips on texting etiquette and building relationships.

ðŸ“ą Texting is a popular way to attract women and get dates, but there are 13 texts that can ruin your chances with them.

ðŸšŦ The 'good morning' text is often seen as too intimate and boyfriend-like, especially if the guy is not known to the girl yet.

💎 While double texting can be acceptable in certain cases, triple texting is generally considered excessive and can be a turn-off.

00:02:04 Avoid these texting mistakes: triple texting, emoji overload, hey text. Instead, use gifs and watch my video for the perfect conversation opener.

❌ Avoid sending multiple texts to a girl who has ignored or missed your previous messages, as it comes across as needy.

ðŸ“ą Using an excessive amount of emojis in a text, especially without any purpose, is not recommended and can be seen as childish.

💎 Sending a simple 'hey' as an opening message is not effective. It's better to use a more engaging conversation starter.

00:04:09 13 texts that turn girls off: 1) Closed-ended questions are boring and don't invite conversation. 2) Long essay-like texts are a turn-off. Keep it short and fun. 3) Sending a dick pic is a definite no.

❌ Avoid using close-ended questions in text conversations as they don't invite conversation and can be boring.

❌ Don't send lengthy text messages like an essay, as it can bore the recipient.

❌ Avoid sending inappropriate pictures like a dick pic.

00:06:12 Learn about 3 texts to avoid sending to a girl: explicit photos, solicitations for nudes, and immediate asks for a date. Understand the negative impacts and when it might be appropriate.

ðŸ“ļ Sending explicit photos without consent will creep out women and may lead to being blocked.

🔞 Sending explicit messages without a strong established relationship can give off the wrong impression.

📅 Asking a girl out directly may not always be the best approach.

00:08:17 Learn the texts to avoid sending to a girl and understand why they turn her off. Be decisive and take the lead to maintain attraction.

💊 Confident and high-value guys make plans and invite the girl, rather than asking if she wants to go out.

ðŸĪ·â€â™‚ïļ Being indecisive and asking the girl to choose the place for a date is a major turn-off. Men should take the lead and make decisions.

🔒 Constantly bombarding the girl with interrogative questions kills attraction. Men should avoid the interrogation chain.

00:10:23 Learn what texts to avoid sending a girl while dating to prevent turning her off. Avoid being overly attached or pouring your heart out too soon. Find out how to engage a girl over text and keep her interested.

🙄 Sending insecure and controlling texts will make a girl start ignoring or going cold on you.

ðŸĪŠ Being a hopeless romantic and pouring your heart out too soon in a text can scare a girl away.

ðŸ“ą Avoid these texting mistakes and learn how to engage a girl over text using the Banter Guide.

00:12:29 Learn field-tested secrets for making her laugh and giggle over text. Get the ultimate guide to banter and witty conversation lines to impress women online. Don't miss out!

ðŸ“ą Field-tested secrets for making her laugh and giggle over text.

🔗 The banter guide is a unique tool that helps to eliminate being ghosted or ignored by women.

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