A guide to success in college relationships

Learn how to be successful with dating in college by attending events, building relationships, and focusing on establishing yourself.

00:00:05 Learn how to be successful with dating in college by attending Welcome Week events, building relationships, and focusing on establishing yourself before worrying about getting laid.

In college, it's more about reputation and popularity than cold approaching.

Attend Welcome Week events to meet people and start building relationships.

Focus on establishing connections before worrying about relationships.

00:01:57 A guide to success in college relationships: joining clubs, fraternities, and organizations and taking leadership roles to establish relationships and meet new people.

🎯 Playing the long game in relationships.

🤝 Joining clubs and organizations to meet new people.

👥 Building relationships through leadership positions and diverse friendships.

00:03:56 A guide to socializing and making connections in college by remembering people's names and having short conversations.

🎉 Attending parties and social events can help you meet important people and have fun experiences in college.

🤝 Being friendly and remembering people's names can make a positive impression and help you build strong connections.

🔗 Engaging in short conversations and showing genuine interest in others can lead to stronger connections and popularity.

00:05:45 A guide to forming strong connections and making friends in college by doing projects with different people. Tips on pursuing girls in college without being too aggressive and inviting them to events for socializing.

Building strong connections through projects and shared goals in college clubs and organizations.

🌟 Being popular and well-known, while maintaining a casual and open approach in pursuing romantic interests.

🎉 Inviting potential romantic interests to events and parties as a way to foster socialization and develop relationships.

00:07:40 A guide to getting girls in college: Don't be discouraged if they don't show up immediately. Invite many people, greet them, show authority, and be involved in the party.

📅 Don't get discouraged if people don't show up to your events immediately. Keep inviting them.

👥 Invite a large number of people to your events to increase the chances of girls showing up.

🤝 Show yourself as well-connected and in a position of authority to attract girls.

00:09:35 A concise 10-step guide to successfully connecting with girls in college, including tips on gauging interest, approaching, and finding a suitable location.

📌 Step 9: Observe which girls are hanging around you consistently.

🗣️ Step 10: Find a convenient place for private conversations.

🎓 College provides a favorable environment for building connections.

00:11:31 A guide to attracting women in college, focusing on long-term success and treating women with respect.

Focus on the long game and avoid seeking short-term success.

Treat women with respect and be kind to them.

Having a positive impact on people will improve your own self-image.

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