The Best Korean Sunscreens for Every Skin Type

Discover lightweight Korean sunscreens suitable for all skin types, offering invisible texture, SPF 50 protection, and radiant finish.

00:00:00 Discover seven lightweight, invisible Korean sunscreens that cater to all skin types. Learn what viewers prioritize in sunscreens and which finish is preferred. Plus, get helpful tips on incorporating sunscreen into your skincare routine.

The video discusses the importance of finding an invisible and lightweight sunscreen.

The presenter gathered feedback from viewers, who emphasized the importance of the sunscreen feeling good on the skin.

The video showcases and reviews seven sunscreens, highlighting their different finishes and suitability for different skin types.

00:03:19 Discover 7 Korean sunscreens suitable for all skin types. They are not greasy, sticky, or shiny. They provide hydration without leaving a white cast.

🌞 The video reviews seven Korean sunscreens suitable for all skin types.

The first sunscreen mentioned is lightweight, non-greasy, and has no white cast.

💄 The video suggests three methods to apply sunscreen over makeup, including using a makeup sponge, blotting paper, or spraying onto the hand before application.

🌿🌾 A new sunscreen, the Ginseng Moist Sun Serum, is introduced as a chemical sunscreen suitable for combination and oily skin.

00:06:42 A review of Korean sunscreens with a focus on a moisturizing serum. It provides a dewy finish and contains essential oils for dry skin types.

💡 The Korean sunscreen mentioned in the video is lightweight, glowy, and leaves a protective feeling on the skin. It has essential oils and alcohols that give it a skin-like finish without being overly greasy.

💄 The sunscreen works well with makeup, but the powder may stick to the skin more easily. It is suitable for dry and dehydrated skin types, but may not be the best option for oily skin during the summer.

🌞 Physical sunscreens use titanium oxide or zinc oxide as primary UV filters, recommended for sensitive skin types. They can leave a thicker texture and white cast, making them less suitable for deep skin tones. Chemical sunscreens use different UV filters like oxybenzone and avobenzone.

00:10:03 Discover 7 Korean sunscreens suitable for all skin types, offering invisible texture without irritation. Includes chemical and physical options with unique UV filters. Learn about SPF, reapplication, and brand recommendations.

🌞 Korean sunscreens have their own UV filters that are less irritating to the skin.

🌿 Haruharu Wonder has a fragrance-free and essential oil-free sunscreen with brightening properties.

SPF should be reapplied every two hours and water-resistant sunscreen is recommended for swimming or sweating.

00:13:22 Discover 7 Korean sunscreens suitable for all skin types. They offer SPF 50 protection, nonstick formula, and a lightweight, radiant finish without leaving a white cast. Stay protected even on overcast days!

🌞 All the Korean sunscreens mentioned in the video provide UV protection.

💦 The sunscreen has a lightweight formula that settles into a radiant glow finish.

🌿 The sunscreen is made in-house and does not contain silicas.

00:16:40 Discover 7 Korean sunscreens suitable for all skin types. Learn how to apply sunscreen around the eyes and find out about a highly underrated sunscreen with a gel lotion texture.

🌞 The video discusses 7 Korean sunscreens for all skin types.

👁️‍🗨️ Lotion sunscreens can irritate the eye area, so using sun sticks is recommended.

💼 The Nua hot leaf silky moisture Sun cream is a highly recommended sunscreen.

00:20:00 Discover lightweight Korean sunscreens that provide a radiant, dewy finish without feeling heavy or oily. Learn the importance of double cleansing to remove sunscreen effectively.

🌞 These Korean sunscreens have a lightweight and skin-like feel, providing a radiant and dewy finish.

💦 Double cleansing is important for properly removing sunscreen and preventing clogged pores.

👍 Cream sunscreens can leave a matte velvet finish, while lightweight sunscreens give a more glowy appearance.

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