Exploring Executive Function and its Impact on ADHD

Learn about executive function, the CEO of our brain, and its importance in ADHD. Discover ways to support executive function for better cognitive performance.

00:00:00 Executieve functie is een groep cognitieve processen die ons helpen zelfreguleren, plannen, prioritiseren en ons doel bereiken. Het is als de CEO van ons brein.

1️⃣ Executive function is a group of cognitive processes that help us self-regulate, plan, prioritize, and achieve our goals.

2️⃣ It is like the CEO of our brain, guiding us from wanting to do something to actually getting it done.

3️⃣ The cognitive processes involved in executive function include response inhibition, working memory, set shifting, and delayed gratification.

00:01:04 Executive function is crucial for long-term rewards and adult behavior. In ADHD, it develops later and may require extra support. Dr. Barkley compares it to building a wheelchair ramp.

🧠 Executive function is a cognitive process that helps us with long-term rewards and is particularly relevant in adults.

In individuals with ADHD, executive function may develop later and be limited, requiring additional support and strategies.

👶🏻 Parents and adults with ADHD can use tools like reward systems, lists, and routines to support executive function.

00:01:58 Understanding executive function and its importance in ADHD. How to create an ADHD-friendly environment and support executive function.

🧠 Executive function is essential for achieving goals and individuals with ADHD may struggle with it.

🤔 Having difficulties with getting things done may be related to executive function rather than lack of effort.

💡 Creating an ADHD-friendly environment involves considering ways to support executive function.

00:02:46 Understanding executive function and why it's important. Exploring ways to support executive function for better cognitive performance. Join our community for more content!

🧠 Executive function refers to a set of cognitive processes that help us plan, organize, and complete tasks efficiently.

🎯 Developing strong executive function skills is crucial for success in academics, work, and daily life.

📚 Understanding and supporting executive function is important for individuals with neurodiverse abilities.

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