Home Away: A Short Film on Migration and Longing

A migrant seeks a better life and support for their family, facing challenges and discrimination in a new country. A short film exploring longing for home and the impact of migration.

00:00:18 A person seeks free education in their country but is unable to afford it. They embark on a journey to find a better life and support their family.

🏠 Unable to afford education in my country, I left my home to seek free education elsewhere.

💔 Despite finding love, I had to leave due to societal constraints and the impossibility of living that love.

🚶‍♂️ I embarked on a difficult journey with my children to escape poverty and ensure their well-being.

00:01:24 A migrant's journey to a new country brings fear and uncertainty, but also strength and new beginnings. Finding support and open doors along the way, the initial challenges pave the way for a new life.

🌍 The protagonist faces challenges and fear as an unknown migrant, but finds strength in starting anew.

💪 The support and kindness from strangers become the protagonist's biggest source of strength.

🗺️ The protagonist's journey involves studying and taking chances to build a new life.

00:02:28 A migrant reflects on the challenges and discrimination they face in a new country, while longing for their home and loved ones.

The protagonist of the video reflects on their experience as an immigrant.

They discuss the challenges faced, including discrimination and feelings of homesickness.

Despite the difficulties, they have learned to accept different customs and overcome their fears.

00:03:33 A short film about a migrant's longing for home and the challenges of living abroad. Technology helps bridge the distance, but economic crisis and unemployment may force a return.

💔 Feeling guilty for enjoying the city and missing family and friends.

🌍 Realizing that technology helps bridge the distance but doesn't eliminate missing loved ones.

💔🌍💼 Considering returning to my country with my partner due to economic crisis and lack of work.

🌟 Hoping for a better future and dreaming of the country improving to be able to return.

💑 Taking a break with my girlfriend but unsure if it will be permanent.

00:04:37 A short film that celebrates diversity and challenges the view of migration as a threat to cultural identity.

🏞️ Migration is a natural and fundamental part of the human condition.

🌍 Migration should not be seen as a threat to cultural identity, but as an opportunity for cultural growth.

🤝 We should celebrate diversity and work to break down barriers, starting with border restrictions.

Summary of a video "MIGRANTE | Cortometraje" by ANIMATION 1908 on YouTube.

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