Task Management Made Easy with Todoist and Drafts

Learn how to efficiently collect and organize tasks in Todoist using Drafts 5, making task management fast and efficient.

00:00:00 Learn how to use Drafts 5 and Todoist together in this episode of Working with Todoist.

📝 In this episode, the speaker introduces the new action scripts for Todoist in Drafts 5, an iOS note-taking application.

📱 Drafts 5 is a free application available for iOS devices, offering a simple yet powerful note-taking functionality.

✉️ The speaker highlights their workflow of collecting ideas in Drafts and then either sending them to Evernote or Todoist.

00:01:30 A demonstration of how to send tasks from Drafts to Todoist using the new version of Drafts 5, making the process more efficient and streamlined.

⚙️ The new version of Drafts 5 allows for direct integration with Todoist, eliminating the need for multiple button clicks.

📝 With this update, users can quickly capture ideas and tasks and send them to Todoist in just two clicks.

🎉 In addition, the speaker mentions a redesigned learning center website and a special offer on bundled courses.

00:03:03 Learn how to efficiently collect and organize tasks in Todoist using Drafts 5, especially for iPhone 6-plus and above users.

💡 There are two ways to collect tasks in Todoist: manually adding tasks by opening the app and using 3D touch on iPhone 6 and above.

The first method involves opening Todoist, navigating to the inbox, and manually adding tasks.

📱 The second method utilizes 3D touch on iPhone 6 and above to quickly add tasks with more detail using Drafts 5 app.

00:04:35 Learn how to quickly create tasks in Todoist using the Drafts app, making task management fast and efficient.

📝 Using the app Drafts, tasks can be created quickly and seamlessly in Todoist.

The latest version of Drafts allows for even faster task creation by utilizing shortcuts and keyboard commands.

💡 By using the 'return' key and the 'share' function, multiple tasks can be created and saved in a short amount of time.

00:06:07 Learn how to easily transfer action items from Drafts to Todoist using a quick and efficient method, improving your task management workflow.

⚡️ Using Drafts app to quickly add tasks to Todoist.

🔧 Accessing the actions directory in Drafts app to add the Todoist action.

Installing the Todoist action in Drafts app for easy task management.

00:07:39 Discover the powerful combination of Todoist and Drafts, allowing you to easily manage tasks and add comments and due dates. Explore the options and enjoy the versatility of Drafts.

📋 Todoist has options that allow you to add comments and due dates to tasks.

📝 Using Drafts with Todoist gives you more options and flexibility in task management.

Drafts is a highly recommended application, with a free version available and the ability to create custom action scripts in the paid version.

00:09:10 Learn how to work with Todoist and Drafts to enhance your productivity system and achieve your goals.

📝 The video is about working with Todoist and Drafts.

💼 There is a limited time offer on a new learning center for setting up a productivity system.

The offer expires at midnight on Monday.

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