The Best Automatic Cars for £5k and Under

A guide to buying automatic cars under £5k without mentioning specific brands or sponsorship.

00:00:01 This video discusses the best automatic cars to buy for £5,000 or less, catering to those with automatic licenses or from countries where manuals are rare. It also warns against unreliable semi-autos and thanks the video sponsor, HelloFresh.

🚗 Automatic cars are preferred by many people with an automatic license or those from countries where manuals are rare.

💰 Small automatic cars are often unreliable and have higher running costs.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The recommended automatic cars are reliable and suitable for family use.

00:02:42 A guide to buying automatic cars under £5k, with recommendations for petrol or petrol hybrid models. Avoid certain brands and opt for BMW, Honda, or CRV for reliability.

🚗 There are automatic cars available for under £5,000, but it's important to choose the right make and model.

⛽️ Petrol or petrol hybrid cars are recommended over diesel cars due to potential issues.

🔧 Avoid certain brands and models that have twin clutch or CVT gearboxes.

💰 Good options for automatic cars under £5,000 include BMW 1 Series, 3 Series, and Honda Accord.

00:05:35 A guide to buying automatic cars under £5k without mentioning specific brands or sponsorship. Discusses the pros and cons of various models and warns against certain types of gearboxes.

⚙️ Automatic gearboxes in Jazz and early Civics need servicing and may have issues.

🚘 Consider buying an 0607 Ford Focus or Fiesta with a proper automatic gearbox.

🚫 Avoid semi-auto gearboxes like ice shift, durashift, and power shift.

🏎 Options like Hyundai, Infinity, and Jaguar have unreliable semi-auto gearboxes.

00:08:30 Discover the top automatic cars under £5k, including the reliable Kia Seed Auto and stylish Lexus IS-250. Avoid older Navigators and Auto Minis.

⭐️ Kia and Lexus offer reliable and stylish automatic cars under £5k, with decent automatic gearboxes.

🚗 Kia Seed Auto and Kia Picanto are affordable options with proper automatic gearboxes, but beware of rust.

💼 Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 provide good value and attractive designs, although rust can be an issue.

💰 Honda Accord-sized cars like the Mazda 6 are available at significant discounts due to fuel cost concerns.

00:11:23 Looking for affordable automatic cars? Consider the Mercedes C-Class, CLK, or E-Class. Avoid Nissan, Peugeot, and Proton. Saab 9-3 or 9-5 could be good options too!

🚗 Mercedes-Benz offers a good selection of automatic cars such as the C-Class and CLK.

⌛️ Consider the timeless elegance of the CLK, which may become a future classic.

💰 For a budget-friendly option, the E200 or E500 from Mercedes-Benz provide good value.

🚫 Avoid Nissan and Peugeot cars for their unreliable automatic transmissions.

👍 Saab models from this era, such as the 9-3 and 9-5, offer a stylish and enjoyable driving experience.

00:14:17 Discover affordable automatic cars under £5k without mentioning brand names. Consider Suzuki Swift 1.5 for city driving or a reliable old Corolla with proper automatic gearbox. Avoid certain brands due to maintenance issues.

🚗 For automatic cars under £5k, it's best to avoid certain brands like Volkswagen, Skoda, Subaru, and Sangyong due to their semi-auto or CVT transmissions. Suzuki Swift 1.5 is a good option, but watch out for the 1.3 which is a semi-auto.

🔧 If you prefer reliability, consider old models like the Toyota Corolla 2006 or the Vauxhall Astra Mark 1 with proper automatic gearboxes. Avoid Renault and some versions of Toyota iGo that have semi-auto transmissions.

💰 While higher running costs and rust may be a concern, options like Prius, RAV4, and early-era Mark 1 Vauxhall Astra provide proper automatic gearboxes for around £5k.

00:17:13 This video discusses the best automatic cars to buy in the UK for under £5,000. It provides recommendations and warns against certain models. Limited choices are available, but following the recommendations can help find a reliable option.

🚗 On a limited budget, here are some automatic cars (£5k and under) worth considering: Mark IV Golf, Vauxhall Astra, older Volvos like S40 or C30.

🔧 Avoid newer Volvos with the powershift box and semi-autos or twin clutch options.

⚠️ Limited options for automatic cars in the UK, so be careful when buying used and consider the recommended choices.

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