Improving Hip Range of Motion: A Chiropractor's Approach

A chiropractor improves hip range of motion and addresses internal rotation, providing temporary relief for limited mobility.

00:00:00 A chiropractor helps fix a man's limited range of motion in his hip caused by wear and tear over time. Treatment provides temporary relief.

👉 The person in the video has limited range of motion in their hip, which affects their ability to squat.

🔧 The cause of the limited range of motion is likely wear and tear over a long period of time, rather than a specific injury.

💡 Psychoactive substances and rewiring the brain's perception of pain can potentially provide relief from chronic pain, but the effects may be temporary.

00:05:09 This video is about a chiropractor helping with hip mobility and range of motion. Different muscles are assessed and worked on to improve flexibility.

🔑 Different biomechanics can affect range of motion.

👍 Testing and identifying chronically tight muscles can improve mobility.

💪 Understanding the cause of limited range of motion is important.

00:10:17 A chiropractor fixes hip range of motion by targeting small muscles that are often overlooked. The therapist emphasizes the importance of feedback and retesting between interventions.

The chiropractor starts by working on small muscles before targeting the larger ones like the glutes and quads.

The quadratus femoris muscle, an external rotator of the hip, is often overlooked and can cause issues that are mistaken for hamstring problems.

Testing between interventions is important to ensure that improvements are made and not reversed.

00:15:31 Chiropractor explains how muscle pain is related to range of motion and posture. Offers solutions through muscle work and using massage guns. Improving muscle strength can combat the effects of job requirements.

🧠 Muscles hurt when shortened due to increased nerve firing.

💪 Pushing on overstretched muscles deactivates weak muscles.

📱 Phones are physically shaping our anatomy, causing indentations.

00:20:43 Chiropractor improves hip range of motion and identifies pelvic misalignment. Pain and soreness are discussed in relation to physical conditioning and perception. Naturalness is questioned in various aspects of life.

👉 The video discusses the importance of range of motion in the hips and how it affects other muscles.

🏋️‍♂️ The chiropractor assesses the range of motion in the subject's hips and identifies imbalances and areas of improvement.

🍏 The video touches on the concept of naturalness in relation to human movement and the food we consume.

00:26:07 A chiropractor fixes my hip by improving range of motion and addressing internal rotation. Money and specialization are discussed in relation to communism and fascism.

👍 Specialization in society is influenced by money.

💪 Chiropractor adjusts hip for better range of motion.

😬 Reflex testing and adjustments to improve lower back.

00:31:15 A chiropractor discusses how improving ankle mobility can help with squat form and highlights the importance of proper positioning and muscle engagement during exercises.

🏋️‍♂️ Improving ankle mobility can help with squatting and prevent knee problems.

🦵 The tightness of the medial hamstring and calf muscles can affect squat form and range of motion.

🏋️‍♀️ Factors such as shoe choice and kinetic chains can impact strength and injury risk during workouts.

Summary of a video ""That's NOT Good Range Of Motion!" | CHIROPRACTOR Fixes My Hip!" by Mark Bell - Super Training Gym on YouTube.

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