Insulin in Bodybuilding: Managing Blood Glucose Levels

This video discusses the use of insulin in bodybuilding to manage blood glucose levels caused by growth hormone use.

00:00:00 This video discusses the use of insulin in bodybuilding as a way to manage blood glucose levels caused by growth hormone use. Different types of insulin are mentioned, with the recommended dosage being 10 IUs of Atlantis in the morning on training days. Higher dosages are used by some bodybuilders, but it is not necessary for everyone.

💡 Insulin is commonly used by bodybuilders to manage blood glucose levels when taking growth hormone.

⚙️ There are different types of insulin, including fast-acting and slow-acting, with atlantis being the most common in the bodybuilding industry.

💪 Insulin can enhance muscle pumps and act as a transport agent for nutrients, but its effects can vary depending on the individual and their dosage.

00:07:21 Insulin in bodybuilding: protocols and applications. Eat before taking rapid insulin to avoid blood sugar drop. Lantus has minimal risk even in high doses.

📌 Lantus insulin takes about one to two hours to kick in and can cause a drop in blood glucose levels.

📌 It is recommended to eat a meal before taking humalog insulin to avoid a sudden drop in blood glucose levels.

📌 Novolin insulin has multiple peaks and can be more risky if meal timing is not maintained.

00:14:38 Insulin in bodybuilding helps manage glucose and supports pancreas function. It is not a license to eat more or a game-changing hormone, but can be beneficial when used strategically with anabolics and growth hormone.

📌 Insulin is beneficial in bodybuilding for glucose management and supporting pancreas function.

🍽️ Insulin doses should be titrated to the amount of food consumed, and its misuse can lead to fat storage.

⚖️ Insulin and growth hormone can work synergistically with anabolics, potentially reducing the need for higher steroid doses.

00:21:56 This video discusses the use of insulin in bodybuilding and the debate surrounding its effectiveness without growth hormone. The speaker shares their personal experiences and suggests that insulin can be beneficial in certain contexts, even without growth hormone.

🔑 Insulin can be used in bodybuilding to drive more carbs into the muscles.

🤔 There is a debate on whether insulin should be used with or without growth hormone.

💉 Insulin and growth hormone can be used together for synergistic effects.

00:29:15 Insulin in bodybuilding is not a magic solution for gaining muscle. It's about energy expenditure and calorie surplus. Diabetics can eat fats with insulin and not get fat. Pop-tarts and rice krispies were popular pre-workout meals with insulin.

📌 Insulin increases muscle growth and size in bodybuilding.

📌 The belief that consuming fats with insulin leads to fat gain is false.

📌 The key factor in fat gain with insulin use is overall calorie surplus.

00:36:32 Insulin protocols in bodybuilding are discussed, including timing, dosage, and effects. Pre, intra, and post-workout insulin use can enhance performance.

🔑 Insulin is an important factor in bodybuilding, as it helps regulate the intake of carbohydrates for building muscle.

The timing of insulin administration is crucial, with some bodybuilders choosing to take it before their workout to maximize its effects.

🍽️ Proper nutrition and meal timing are also important in conjunction with insulin use for optimal muscle growth.

00:43:50 Insulin in bodybuilding: a tool for progress when used correctly, but should never cause dizziness or extreme hunger. Balancing carb intake and stabilizing blood sugar are key.

🔑 Insulin should be used correctly to avoid feeling dizzy or excessively hungry.

📝 Waiting for blood sugar to drop below 80 before eating is a recommended protocol when using insulin.

💡 The ratio of carbs to insulin units should be adjusted based on individual needs and preferences.

⚖️ Including fats in pre-workout meals can help stabilize blood sugar levels.

💪 When used in combination with other factors like growth hormone, insulin can be a valuable tool for muscle growth.


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