Building the Boeing 777: A Milestone in Aviation

The story of building the Boeing 777, a complex machine that set a new standard for aviation.

00:00:00 [Music] The story of building the Boeing 777, a complex machine that took 10,000 people and nearly 5 years to build. The plane's success was uncertain, but it set a new standard for aviation. A wing strength test proved successful. A commercial featuring Bigfoot was also filmed.

💼 Building the Boeing 777 was a complex and risky project that required coordination with contractors around the world.

✈️ The Boeing 777 underwent extensive testing to ensure its safety and reliability, including a destructive test of the wings to determine their strength.

🎥 A commercial was filmed inside a Boeing 777 to showcase its features, with the concept of Bigfoot being used as a unique theme.

00:08:07 Boeing builds the 777, facing challenges with ETOPS regulations. FAA approves 180-minute ETOPS. Cold weather flight tests in Montana.

🛫 Boeing aimed for 180 minutes ETOPS for the 777 to allow it to fly up to 3 hours from the nearest airport.

🧪 Boeing proposed a test flight plan to ensure the plane's reliability and addressed pilot union hesitations.

⚙️ The FAA rigorously assessed the safety requirements and certification process of the plane.

00:16:09 A documentary about the challenges faced by Boeing while building the Boeing 777, including weather issues, evacuation procedures, and a mid-air emergency.

The Boeing 777 undergoes tests in cold weather conditions and foggy weather.

Successful completion of evacuation test required for certification.

An emergency landing occurs due to a cabin depressurization issue.

00:24:15 A test flight of the Boeing 777 faces challenges and delays, but ultimately proves the aircraft's ability to meet requirements and operate safely.

Boeing and its suppliers work together to meet the aircraft requirements.

Various tests were conducted on the Boeing 777 to ensure its performance and safety.

United Airlines faced challenges during the test flights but effectively resolved them.

00:32:19 Boeing 777's troubleshooting and innovative solutions led to a successful flight for United Airlines. Quality assurance checks revealed minor issues, but overall, the plane performed well.

Boeing troubleshooted a problem with the plane using inventive methods, avoiding delay in waiting for parts.

United Airlines inspected the plane before acceptance, checking for any faults or mistakes.

The plane experienced some minor issues, but overall, it was considered a clean and impressive aircraft.

00:40:22 Building the Boeing 777 involves a complex process of transferring funds and paperwork among lawyers, accountants, and different states, ensuring ownership registration and documentation accuracy.

📦 The process of transferring ownership of the Boeing 777 involved lawyers and accountants in different states and a significant amount of money.

💼 Lawyers and accountants conducted a complex operation to transfer funds of around a hundred million dollars between United Airlines and Boeing.

✍️ The closing process included verifying the airframe and engine serial numbers, authorizing the transfer of funds, and completing necessary documents for registration.

00:48:27 Boeing presents United with the key to their new Triple Seven aircraft. FAA approves extended range operations. United's inaugural flight takes off on schedule.

🔑 Boeing handed over the key to United's first Boeing 777 aircraft.

✈️ The FAA approved the Boeing 777 for extended range operations.

💰 The Boeing 777 entered service, allowing airlines to make significant profits.

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