Unlocking the Potential of 5G: Beyond Connectivity

This video highlights the value of 5G beyond connectivity, including cost savings and revenue generation. It explores standalone 5G deployment and the implications it may bring. The importance of innovation and flexibility for successful deployment is emphasized.

00:00:01 This video discusses the value of 5G beyond connectivity and highlights the findings of a network transformation survey. It mentions the growth of 5G and the priorities of operators, including saving on costs and generating new revenue. Standalone 5G deployment is also discussed, with the recognition that early expectations were unrealistic. The implications of Standalone 5G and the potential changes it may bring are explored. The video ends by considering the enthusiasm for future advancements in 5G.

📺 This session is about unlocking the value of 5G and going beyond connectivity.

🔍 The session includes a keynote presentation from Telefonica, insights from Chisma Intelligence, a fireside chat with an expert on 5G usage, and a panel discussion.

📲 The main focus of the session is on network transformation, revenue generation, and customer experience in the 5G era.

00:10:43 This video discusses the challenges and opportunities of deploying 5G technology. It highlights the need for operators to have a clear plan for utilizing 5G beyond just implementing new technology. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of increasing innovation and flexibility to make 5G deployment successful. The video mentions the slow growth of telecom operators compared to big tech companies and the need for a different business paradigm to make the telecom sector sustainable and attractive.

⚡️ There is a discussion about the realistic timelines for deploying 5G and how to make it easier for operators to implement.

🌐 Operators need to have a clear understanding of what they will do with 5G, focusing on multicast, low-cost IoT support, and satellite technology.

📈 Telecom operators are facing challenges in revenue growth compared to big tech companies, and there is a need for increased innovation and flexibility in the industry.

00:21:26 The video discusses the need for a new Telecom architecture to enable new services and applications. It highlights the importance of technology advancements and new business models in the industry.

💼 The webinar discusses the need for a structural change in the telecom industry to enable new services and applications.

🌐 The shift to a cloud-native network infrastructure allows for increased flexibility, scalability, and improved operations.

📱 The creation of a special layer, called a Gateway, enables telecom operators to offer a wide range of services and capabilities to different sectors and customer segments.

00:32:09 In this video, the speaker discusses their daily use of 5G connectivity for work and personal use. They mention the convenience of using 5G at home and in the office, as well as the annoyance of not having internet access in certain locations. The speaker also talks about their data consumption, gaming experiences, and their wish for the new Apple glasses.

🌐 The speaker heavily relies on 5G connectivity in their daily life, both for personal use and for their company.

📲 The speaker consumes 50 to 100 gigabytes of data per month on their mobile device alone, highlighting the increasing data consumption in the modern era.

🚫 The speaker faces frustrations with the lack of 5G connectivity in certain situations, such as in tunnels, elevators, and during travel.

🎮 As a gamer and game developer, the speaker emphasizes the importance of fast internet speed and low latency for a smooth gaming experience, particularly when playing games on smartphones.

👓 The speaker expresses excitement about the upcoming release of new Apple glasses and their potential uses, particularly for connecting with friends, work-related tasks, and gaming.

00:42:53 This video discusses the value of 5G beyond just connectivity. It highlights the importance of reliable connectivity and explores new services and monetization opportunities. The speakers also touch on the demand for AR/VR and the need for a sustainable business model in the IoT industry.

🔑 Reliable connectivity is the top priority for consumers in the 5G era.

🌐 The demand for connectivity goes beyond the physical world, extending to the virtual world.

💡 API monetization and dynamic on-demand capabilities are crucial for operators to meet customer demands and ensure profitability.

00:53:38 Unlocking the value of 5G beyond connectivity requires offering professional services, support, and a device management platform. Challenges include identity management, security, computer vision, and processing data for AI purposes.

🔑 IoT requires professional services and support to deliver end-to-end solutions.

🗺️ IoT solutions involve managing a large number of devices and addressing specific needs.

🎮 Developers prioritize simplicity and rely on existing tools and platforms for game development.

🏢 Enterprises seek easy integration and dashboards for connectivity solutions.

⚙️ 5G expands network capabilities but non-5G technologies can still benefit enterprises.

01:04:20 The webinar discusses the importance of designing a good game and ensuring equal gaming experiences for all players. It also explores how network providers can help improve gaming experiences through APIs and connectivity control.

🎮 Designing a good game requires trial and error, communication with testers, and updates based on feedback.

🌐 In multiplayer games, it's important for everyone to have an equally good experience, considering factors like latency and connectivity.

🔧 Network providers can help improve gaming experience by providing information about players' connectivity and allowing control over connection quality.

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