Organizing your Obsidian vault for scalability and context

Explore how to structure an Obsidian vault for scalability and context, avoiding duplication and prioritizing reusable notes.

00:00:00 Explore how I structure my Obsidian vault without binary organization, focusing on scalability and adding context. Avoid duplication and prioritize modular, reusable notes. Tags are used sparingly.

šŸ“ I avoid binary organization structures and prefer flexible ones.

šŸ”© I prioritize scalability and minimize additional upkeep for my notes.

šŸŒ I value structures that provide context for note placement.

šŸ”€ I aim to minimize duplication and create modular, reusable notes.

00:02:55 Learn how to structure your Obsidian vault by using tags and notes to organize your content effectively.

šŸ—’ļø Using feedback tags to track feature requests, bugs, and questions.

šŸ“š Nesting tags to categorize and organize notes.

šŸ“ Benefits of using tags for content creation and note organization.

00:05:50 Learn how to organize your Obsidian vault using folders and namespaces. Discover the advantages of using folders for organizing assets, databases, notes, plugins, and more.

šŸ“‚ Folders are used to establish a namespace and restrict scope in organizing files.

šŸ–¼ļø An assets folder is used to store non-markdown files, such as graphics and PDFs.

šŸ’¾ Databases are used to track Kickstarter projects and videos, making them searchable through notes.

šŸ“” Notes are organized in an obsidian Playbook, with the intention of packaging it up later.

šŸ”Œ Plugins, like initiative tracker and canvas tools, generate their own notes for specific purposes.

šŸ”’ Private files, such as sensitive meeting notes, are kept separate and not shown.

šŸ“š Readwise is used as a separate bucket to store a large number of items.

00:08:44 An overview of how the speaker organizes their Obsidian vault, including folders for scripts, sources, system files, projects, and TTRPG campaigns. Most notes are in the TTRPG folder.

šŸ“š The speaker uses folders to organize their Obsidian vault.

šŸ—‚ļø The folders are categorized into different sections, such as scripts, sources, system, projects, and TTRPG.

šŸ” The TTRPG folder has the most notes, with 2700 out of 8620 notes in total.

00:11:38 Learn how to structure an Obsidian vault using a map of content and data view queries, allowing for flexible organization and easy access to notes and links.

šŸ“‚ Using folders for organization limits the ability to add context and nuance, so instead, the speaker uses a map of content or parent note in their Obsidian vault.

šŸ”— Links within the map of content allow for easy navigation and connection between notes, while also providing additional context and resources.

šŸ” Data view queries are heavily used for organization, specifically with the kickstarters database, providing efficient access to relevant information.

00:14:31 Learn how to effectively organize your digital content using Obsidian vault. Track projects, campaigns, meetings, and more for optimal productivity.

šŸ“‚ Using folders to track content and organize notes

šŸ” Creating a table of pending projects for tracking purposes

šŸŽ² Utilizing data view queries for tabletop role-playing games

šŸ“· Generating AI mid-journey photos and summaries for sessions

šŸ¤ Tracking meetings and conversations with data view queries

šŸ”– Using bookmarks for organizing core principles and notes

00:17:24 A tour of my hyper connected note structure in Obsidian, showcasing organization and chaos for sparking serendipity and challenging traditional hierarchical thinking.

šŸ“ Organizing notes in a hyper-connected node structure reflects the way the speaker thinks and sees the world.

šŸ’” Structure notes with a mix of organization and chaos to spark Serendipity and challenge one's thinking.

šŸ”— Personal organizational structure should align with how one processes information and makes sense of the world.

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