The Impact of 3D Printing on Animal Prosthetics

Discover how 3D printing revolutionized prosthetics for animals, providing customized designs and improved comfort and functionality.

00:00:03 A dog named Cleo, who is missing a leg, lives a happy and active life. However, this can lead to arthritis and joint problems in the future. 3D Pets offers a high-tech solution to support dogs like Cleo.

🐶 Cleo, an incredible dog missing a leg, is shown to be healthy and playful despite her condition.

🦴 Dogs missing limbs are prone to arthritis and joint problems, highlighting the need for long-term support.

🖨️ A company called 3D Pets utilizes high-tech 3D printing to create custom supports for pets with missing limbs.

00:01:39 This video showcases how 3D printing is used to create customized prosthetics for animals, like Cleo the dog, by scanning their dimensions and printing the prosthetic accordingly.

📷 Using iPhone's LIDAR scanner and true depth camera system, scans are taken to measure the dog's dimensions for creating a 3D printed prosthesis.

🖨️ Every animal's situation is unique, requiring custom-made prosthetics, which is facilitated by the rapid reiteration made possible through 3D printing.

🐾 The studio has worked with over 300 different animals, emphasizing the need for personalized and comfortable prosthetics.

00:03:20 A company uses 3D printing to create custom designs for pets, including a goat with a missing skull and an elephant with a leg problem.

🐶 3D printing has revolutionized the creation of customized prosthetics for animals of various species, including dogs, ducks, tortoises, pigs, and goats.

💻 The process involves scanning the animal, importing the scan into custom design software, molding the design to fit the 3D scan, optimizing it for printing, and fine-tuning the details of each layer.

🔬 The prosthetics are tailored to each animal's specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit and considering both rigid and flexible areas depending on the hardware mounts and the body's structure.

00:05:06 A dog's life is changed through the use of 3D printing, allowing for adjustable and sturdy prosthetics for different sized animals.

🐶 The design of the dog's prosthesis is made to accommodate changes in weight while being sturdy in key areas.

🖨️ 3D printing is shown to be the most suitable manufacturing process for creating the prosthesis.

⏰ The printing process takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

00:06:39 Discover how 3D printing has revolutionized prosthetics for animals, allowing for customized designs and improved comfort and functionality.

🐾 3D printing allows for the creation of custom prosthetics for animals with residual limbs, ensuring a comfortable fit and proper weight distribution.

🔄 Support pieces in 3D printing can be recycled and repurposed for other objects like wheels or feet, promoting resourcefulness.

🔧 Continuous improvement and adaptation of prosthetic devices based on user feedback to enhance durability and functionality.

00:08:09 A look into how 3D printing has transformed the lives of dogs with deformities, providing them with custom-made carts for mobility and support.

🐶 Custom 3D printed carts are created to help dogs with deformed limbs or amputations.

🦴 The carts are designed to provide support and mobility while addressing specific issues like back problems in dachshunds.

🚗 The wheels on the carts can be customized and changed, with options for different sizes and even spinners.

00:09:49 Discover how 3D printing has transformed the life of a dog, as they successfully adapt to a new prosthetic limb through an adjustment process.

🐶 The process of fitting a dog with a 3D-printed prosthetic leg requires an adjustment period

⌛ Pets gradually adapt to the prosthesis over time by increasing the duration of use

🖥️🖨️ This technology is accessible and has the potential to help pets globally

00:11:28 This video explores how 3D printing technology improves the quality of life for animals through the creation of prosthetics. It showcases the low cost and long-lasting nature of these prosthetics. Watch and learn!

🐶 3D printing and prosthetics can greatly improve the lives of animals by extending their lifespan and increasing their freedom.

💰 The cost of these 3D printed prosthetics can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

🤖 The video gives credit to a company named 3D Pets for their use of technology in creating these prosthetic devices.

Summary of a video "How 3D Printing Changed This Dog's Life!" by Marques Brownlee on YouTube.

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