5 IOT Inventions that Simplify Connectivity and Enable Easy Application Development

Discover 5 amazing IoT inventions for easy and customizable development.

00:00:00 Discover how While Link simplifies the development of IoT applications without the need for hardware programming or soldering. Connect and control up to six growth modules with ease, and access them through a range of programming languages. Make your own smart devices in minutes!

🌐 While Link simplifies the development of IoT applications, eliminating the need for hardware programming and soldering.

⏰ With While Link, you can create cloud-connected devices, like a smart light or an outdoor environment monitor, in just five minutes.

🌱 While Link allows you to access and control Grove modules with various programming languages, enabling automated tasks like watering plants or feeding pets.

00:02:32 Introducing the Rabideau Repair IOT development board with Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi capabilities for low power consumption and mobile app interaction. Supports both Arduino and JavaScript programming.

πŸ“± Rabideau Repair offers an IOT development board with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

πŸ’‘ The board is suitable for projects that require low power consumption or interaction with a mobile app.

🌐 Wi-Fi is recommended for longer distance or tower connection to the Internet.

00:05:05 Discover the features of the Baucom SDK, including cloud services and web IDE, to develop IoT projects with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Partnered with IFTTT and Particle, this powerful solution is perfect for your next IoT project.

🌐 The Baucom SDK provides free access to cloud services, including a web IDE for writing and updating code remotely. It also allows for easy integration with popular growth modules.

πŸ“‘ The PLU device can function as a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth bridge, allowing for internet connectivity and simultaneous connection to multiple Bluetooth devices.

πŸ’‘ The PLU device can be used for various IoT projects and is compatible with Apple HomeKit for smart home automation.

00:07:34 Learn how to easily create connected IoT devices with SkiLow, a complete development system that fits in the palm of your hand.

🌐 Creating internet-connected devices is becoming increasingly difficult, but ASCII Low makes it easy with its complete connected development system.

πŸ”Œ ASCII Low allows users to connect their devices to the internet without the need for cables, tools, or additional cloud sites.

βš™οΈ ASCII Low offers a range of features like an editor, debugger, compiler, and libraries to simplify development and debugging of connected devices.

00:10:05 Discover the all-in-one solution to connect any IoT application with the Laura1 board. With sensors, GPS, and connectivity, it revolutionizes the way we live and opens up endless possibilities.

πŸ’‘ The company has invented an all-in-one IoT solution called Laura1 that can connect to any IoT application.

🌍 Laura1 utilizes Laura networks, which are open, cheap, and energy-efficient, to send and receive data no matter where you are.

πŸ“‘ Laura1 is equipped with various sensors, including an accelerometer, GPS module, button, LED, and magnetometer, enabling a wide range of applications.

00:12:35 5 IOT Inventions that Simplify Connectivity and Enable Easy Application Development

The video introduces an IoT development kit that simplifies the process of creating IoT applications.

The kit includes a powerful microcomputer, expansion boards, sensors, and connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Ethernet.

The Creator CI 40 kit can be used to build IoT applications in various areas such as health monitoring, home automation, and smart cities.

00:15:07 Discover 5 amazing IoT inventions for easy and customizable development. From modular design to hacker-friendly features, these inventions will blow your mind!

πŸ’‘ The video introduces the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) development boards, specifically the Creator CI 40 board.

πŸ“¦ The Creator CI 40 board has a modular design that allows the addition of devices and sensors over a wireless network.

🌐 The CI 40 board supports the Linux operating system and the new Brillo OS from Google.

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