Tech Company Raided for Anti-competitive Practices. EU Investigates Nvidia's AI Market Dominance. AMD's Alternative to DLSS.

French authorities raid tech company suspected of anti-competitive practices. Nvidia's AI accelerator market dominance under scrutiny by EU. AMD launches strong alternative to Nvidia's DLSS.

00:00:00 French authorities raided a tech company suspected of anti-competitive practices in the graphics card sector. Nvidia's powerful position in the AI accelerator market is under scrutiny by the EU.

šŸšØ Nvidia has reportedly been raided by French authorities for suspected anti-competitive practices in the graphics card sector.

šŸ” The raid is part of a larger investigation into the cloud computing market, where Nvidia's powerful position in the AI accelerator market is being questioned.

šŸŒ The EU has also started a probe into alleged anti-competitive abuses in the same market, where Nvidia is dominating.

00:01:11 Reddit removes user ability to block targeted ads, citing desire to improve ad performance and simplify privacy settings.

šŸ”„ Nvidia is accused of not fighting fair and facing opposition from the EU.

āš–ļø Reddit has removed the ability to block targeted ads based on site activity to improve ad performance.

šŸ’¼ The removal of user choice contradicts Reddit's previous statements about being responsible stewards of user data.

00:02:25 AMD launches FSR 3 as a strong alternative to Nvidia's DLSS. Immortals of AVM and Forespoken are chosen to showcase its capabilities. Bad reviews do not indicate lack of confidence.

šŸ’° Reddit's contributor program has been criticized for incentivizing controversial posts.

šŸŽ® AMD has launched FSR 3 as an alternative to Nvidia's DLSS for improved gaming graphics.

šŸ“‰ AMD chose graphically intensive games to showcase the capabilities of FSR 3.

00:03:39 The video discusses the upcoming release of FSR in other games and the potential benefits it will bring. The content also includes a promotion for a virtual business phone number service.

šŸŽ® FSR will be available in other games like space MMO EV on line.

ā© Quick Bits is sponsored by a virtual business phone number service called Grasshopper.

šŸ’¼ Grasshopper offers affordable plans for small business owners and solo entrepreneurs.

00:04:52 A Twitter user claims Nvidia's upcoming Blackwell GPUs will have significant improvements in Cuda Cores and consumer cores. Discord briefly had issues but they have been resolved.

šŸ’” Blackwell GPUs by cop7 Kimmy co-iped may have up to 11% more Cuda Cores in AI compute and up to 33% more cores in consumer use.

āš™ļø If this claim is true, Nvidia wouldn't have any reason to be anti-competitive.

šŸ”’ Discord users faced blockage issues, but the problem has been fixed by support.

00:06:05 Nvidia's new Raspberry Pi 5 is faster, more powerful, and can handle dual 4K displays. Google allows teens to use its AI search. Amazon launches a subscription-based digital photo frame.

šŸ“ŗ The new Raspberry Pi 5 is a significant advancement, with double the input output performance and the ability to handle two 4K displays at 60 FPS.

šŸ” Google is allowing teens from 13 to 17 to use its generative AI search, with strengthened guard rails and additional context features.

šŸ’» Amazon is launching an echo show that can be used as a digital photo frame with a subscription.

00:07:18 The video discusses the disadvantages of Nvidia's subscription service for viewing photos and suggests alternative options.

šŸ“· The Edition is a more expensive version of the Echo Show 8 that includes a six-month subscription to Amazon's photos plus service.

šŸ’° After the six months, users have to pay a monthly fee if they want to continue using the service.

šŸ“± There are alternative options such as using the phone to open and print out actual pictures or buying a Google Nest Hub.

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