Exploring the Latest Innovations in Snapdragon Technology: Day 2 Keynote

Snapdragon Summit 2022 Livestream: Day 2 Keynote showcases the latest innovations in Snapdragon technology, including AI, gaming, connectivity, and audio capabilities. Collaboration with Microsoft, T-Mobile, SoundHound, and Niantic is highlighted.

00:00:07 Day 2 of Snapdragon Summit showcases the latest innovations in Snapdragon technology, including the Snapdragon 8 gen 2 mobile platform and its capabilities in camera, AI, gaming, sound, security, and connectivity. The importance of reliable connectivity and the power of 5G are highlighted, along with the collaboration between Verizon and Qualcomm. The role of artificial intelligence in shaping future experiences is also discussed, with a focus on AI-accelerated experiences in the PC and voice recognition.

Snapdragon Summit 2022 showcases the latest technology and features of Snapdragon 8 gen 2, which will power the next generation of flagship smartphones.

Snapdragon is leading in technology and platform solutions for various connected devices, including smartphones, smartwatches, earbuds, PCs, and XR glasses.

Qualcomm's wireless connectivity technologies, including 5G, are driving the evolution of faster, more reliable connections for various devices, such as the Razer Edge 5G gaming device.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a key component in enhancing mobile experiences, with AI-powered features improving video teleconferencing, voice recognition, and natural language processing.

Qualcomm's on-device intelligence technology enables developers to incorporate multiple use cases with industry-leading performance and ultra-low power consumption.

00:14:27 Snapdragon Summit 2022 Livestream: Day 2 Keynote. SoundHound and Qualcomm partner to enhance voice recognition capabilities. SoundHound's voice AI platform supports over 180 million queries per month and delivers exceptional speed and accuracy. Qualcomm works with the developer community to create new experiences with Snapdragon platforms.

SoundHound and Qualcomm are partnering to enhance voice recognition capabilities for applications.

SoundHound's voice AI platform allows businesses to deliver exceptional speed and accuracy in voice interactions.

Qualcomm is working with developers to create new experiences and applications for Snapdragon platforms.

00:28:48 Snapdragon Summit 2022: Day 2 Keynote highlights AI advancements, including noise suppression and auto-framing on Snapdragon-powered PCs. Microsoft collaboration enables seamless experiences on Windows 11. T-Mobile discusses the impact of 5G and on-device AI for improved network performance and user experience.

🔥 Qualcomm demonstrates the new Snapdragon 8cx gen 3 with powerful AI capabilities.

📸 The AI-powered auto framing feature adjusts the camera based on the user's position for a seamless video call experience.

🚀 Qualcomm's collaboration with Microsoft optimizes Windows 11 on Snapdragon, leveraging AI for enhanced customer outcomes.

🌐 T-Mobile's partnership with Snapdragon and Standalone 5G technology creates a seamless modern 5G connected experience.

👥 Qualcomm collaborates with visionary leaders and software partners to create a thriving application ecosystem for Windows on Snapdragon.

00:43:08 The Snapdragon Summit 2022 Livestream: Day 2 Keynote highlights the adoption of Snapdragon powered PCs by enterprises for hybrid work environments, emphasizing their performance, battery life, and contribution to sustainability goals.

🔑 Snapdragon compute provides premium experiences and supports hybrid work environments.

💼 City is adopting Windows on Snapdragon for their global workforce to improve productivity and meet security needs.

🚀 Qualcomm introduces Qualcomm Orion, a groundbreaking CPU for Snapdragon platforms, revolutionizing performance.

00:57:29 Snapdragon Summit 2022 Livestream: Day 2 Keynote highlights new audio capabilities, Snapdragon S5 and S3 Gen 2 sound platforms, advancements in wearables, and the future of extended reality (XR) with a focus on augmented reality glasses.

🎧 Introducing new audio capabilities and improvements to Snapdragon 8 gen 2, including spatial audio with dynamic head tracking.

🔊 Introduction of Qualcomm S5 and S3 Gen 2 sound platforms optimized for Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and speakers, with lossless support and active noise cancellation technology.

Snapdragon's advanced wearables portfolio, with the Snapdragon W5 plus platform offering extended battery life, faster performance, and enhanced features.

🌐 XR (extended reality) innovations, including Snapdragon XR platforms powering leading XR devices and the development of head-worn augmented reality glasses.

01:11:49 Snapdragon R2 is a revolutionary platform designed for AR glasses. It delivers groundbreaking technology for immersive glasses with low power, high performance, and fast connectivity. Microsoft and Niantic are excited about the partnership and the potential for developing AR experiences.

🔍 Snapdragon R2 is a platform designed for AR glasses, offering groundbreaking technology and addressing the challenges of AR with high performance and low power consumption.

🌐 Snapdragon R2 features a distributed processing architecture, leveraging Wi-Fi and an AR processor for improved latency-sensitive perception data processing. It also includes Qualcomm Fast Connect 7800 for ultra-fast speeds and low latency, enabling next-generation AR applications.

🎮 Microsoft and Qualcomm have a strategic partnership and shared vision for augmented reality, focusing on thin client devices connected to the cloud, rich experiences, and an open platform for developers.

🛠️ Qualcomm is collaborating with ecosystem partners and developers to fuel the development of AR glasses based on Snapdragon R2. They have created Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform to provide tools and powerful perception technologies for creating amazing AR content.

🌍 Niantic, a leading company in creating engaging AR experiences, has partnered with Qualcomm to bring their 3D map of the world to Snapdragon spaces-ready devices. They are also working on a compact and powerful AR headset design.

01:26:09 A demo of real footage through prototype devices showcases the future of augmented reality. Adobe and Qualcomm are collaborating to bring creative tools to Snapdragon devices, enabling high-quality 3D content. The Snapdragon 8 gen 2 platform and Snapdragon Spaces XR developer platform revolutionize the possibilities of AR and usher in spatial computing.

📱 Snapdragon is collaborating with Niantic to develop head-borne AR glasses for gaming and exploration.

🎨 Adobe and Qualcomm are working together to bring immersive creation tools to Snapdragon devices, enabling users to create content for the metaverse.

🌐 Universal Scene Description, an open-source technology, will be integrated into Snapdragon and Spaces to enhance the aggregation of 3D assets for immersive experiences.

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