Rumor of October 15th Shipment on AliExpress and Uruguay Stock: Changes to Shipping and Import Taxes

Discussion on the rumor of shipment starting on October 15th on AliExpress and stock from Uruguay. Potential changes to shipping and import taxes. Consider waiting until November 16th to purchase.

00:00:00 AliExpress may implement shipment according to order on October 15th, as mentioned in a recent email to affiliates. Various promotions and events are scheduled for October.

πŸ“’ There is a rumor that AliExpress will start using 'remessa conforme' in October.

πŸ“… AliExpress sends information to its affiliates about upcoming promotions and events, including 'remessa conforme'.

πŸ’― The rumor was confirmed with a screenshot from AliExpress showing a promotion above 50 during October.

00:01:12 The video discusses the rumor of a shipment starting on October 15th on AliExpress and stock from Uruguay. There are promotions and items below $50 without import taxes, which is unusual. The speaker believes the rumor may be true.

πŸ“’ The video discusses a rumor about a new shipping policy on AliExpress starting on October 15.

πŸ“§ The video presents images from an email which explain different campaigns and promotions on AliExpress.

πŸ“¦ There is speculation about a new shipping policy called 'remessa conforme' starting on October 15 or 16.

00:02:24 Boato no AliExpress sobre remessa conforme e estoque do Uruguai. Possibilidade de pagamento do ICMS e subsídio de semestre. Discussão sobre embutimento do ICMS no preço.

πŸ” There is a rumor that AliExpress has implemented a new shipping method that displays the import tax upfront for purchases.

πŸ’° Additionally, AliExpress announced that they would pay the ICMS for purchases below $50.

πŸ›’ There is speculation that the cost of ICMS might be included in the product price, resulting in potentially higher prices.

00:03:35 Potential changes to AliExpress shipping and import taxes. Consider waiting until November 16th to purchase due to potential updates.

πŸ“… The video discusses the delay of a shipment on AliExpress and the possibility of changes in stock and taxes.

πŸ’Έ People are frustrated with buying low-cost products and paying high taxes, sometimes even higher than the product value.

⏰ It is suggested to wait until November 16th to make purchases due to potential changes and improvements.

00:04:46 Possible change in AliExpress shipping method on October 15th. Wait and see before buying. 13% of channel sales are above $50.

πŸ“¦ There may be a change in shipping policy on AliExpress regarding the delivery time of orders.

⏰ The expected time frame for the change is between October 3rd and October 16th.

πŸ’‘ It is recommended to wait and see how the changes unfold before making a purchase on AliExpress.

00:05:58 The video discusses the rumors of shipping delays on AliExpress and the availability of products from Uruguay. The speaker also mentions the decrease in interest for certain products on their channel.

πŸ”‘ Recent sales on the channel have mainly consisted of products priced at $50 or less.

πŸ” Finding affordable products like memory is relatively easy, but more expensive items require further investigation.

❓ The rumor about purchasing from Uruguay seems unfounded, as no evidence of its validity was found.

00:07:08 This video discusses a rumor about products from Uruguay being exempt from import taxes on AliExpress. The rumor is likely not true and lacks supporting evidence.

πŸš€ The rumor about a special delivery from AliExpress on October 15th is not valid and originated from a suspicious Twitter profile.

πŸ€” There is no evidence to support the claim of exemption for products from Uruguay based on the trade agreement with other countries like Paraguay.

πŸ“’ The video will be edited for brevity, but stay tuned for more content from the channel.

Summary of a video "Γ‰ VERDADE O BOATO: REMESSA CONFORME NO AliExpress EM 15 de OUTUBRO! E ESTOQUE do URUGUAI?" by Iskandar Souza on YouTube.

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