Building the Boeing 777: The Journey of a Complex Jet

The story of building the Boeing 777, a complex jet created by 10,000 people over 5 years, facing technical challenges and tight deadlines.

00:00:07 The story of building the 21st century jet, the Boeing 777. A complex machine built by 10,000 people over 5 years, costing $5 billion, and facing technical challenges and tight deadlines.

🛫 The building of the Boeing 777 was a complex project that took 10,000 people nearly five years to complete, costing five billion dollars.

🔧 The plane underwent extensive testing and had to meet strict technical standards to ensure safety. Any technical issues could put lives at risk.

🌍 The building of the 777 happened during a recession in the airline industry. If the plane failed, Boeing's future could be in jeopardy.

00:08:11 Building the Boeing 777 engines: rigorous testing to simulate flight conditions, including ice, rain, and birdstrikes. Challenges with vibration and maintenance addressed. Debate on whether to test on a flying test bed.

🔍 Engine tests simulate normal and abnormal flight conditions, including birdstrikes and extreme weather.

⚙️ Regular cycles of engine activity reveal problems related to fatigue and vibration, allowing for necessary repairs.

🛠️ Engine design improvements aim to reduce maintenance errors and increase reliability, with the use of ground and flight tests.

00:16:18 Building the Boeing 777: The decision to use a flying testbed for engine validation leads to a dramatic surge during testing, revealing the need for design improvements.

🛩️ The decision to use a flying test bed for engine testing was debated, but ultimately chosen as a part of the development program for the Boeing 777.

🔥 During engine test flights, a surge occurred, causing a dramatic explosion and disrupting the airflow through the engine.

🛠️ The cause of the surge was identified as inadequate stiffness in the case surrounding the fan blades, leading to blade stalling.

00:24:23 The episode focuses on the testing and development of the Boeing 777, including pressure testing and cockpit simulations for handling problems.

💡 The Boeing 777 fuselage had to withstand high-pressure conditions of 12.1 psi without leaking.

✈️ A temporary fix was implemented to seal a defective door and the plane successfully reached 12.1 psi without leaking.

🛫 Boeing engineers built a simulator called Legos to address handling problems of a future stretched version of the plane.

00:32:28 The Boeing 777 engine undergoes tests to ensure safety, including a test to stop a flying fan blade and increase the strength of the turbine case.

💥 During a test, an explosive bolt snapped off the fan blade, demonstrating the need to increase the wall thickness of the engine case.

🛠️ The Flanagan Brothers were tasked with machining a stronger turbine case for the Boeing 777 and successfully reduced the weight by 90%.

The engine issues caused a delay in delivering the engines on time, resulting in stress and disruptions for Pratt & Whitney and Boeing.

00:40:34 Boeing unveils the Boeing 777 in a roll out ceremony attended by thousands of employees and their relatives. The plane is larger than expected and preparations for its first flight begin.

✈️ The first Boeing 777 was unveiled at a roll out ceremony attended by thousands of employees and their relatives.

🌬️ The plane had a hydraulic leak that needed to be fixed before it could taxi for the high-speed test.

🛬 The test also involved checking the plane's response to crosswinds and inducing shimmy on the nose landing gear.

00:48:42 Building the Boeing 777 - Full Episode 3: The first flight of Boeing's prototype triple 7, a milestone in a 5 billion dollar enterprise.

💡 The Boeing 777 prototype undergoes taxi tests to check the landing gear, brakes, and stability.

🔧 A minor issue with a rubber o-ring causing a hydraulic fluid leak is discovered and fixed.

✈️ The next day, the prototype is scheduled for its first flight, marking a significant milestone.

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