The Uncertain Reliability of Google: A Review of Discontinued Projects

Google's history of discontinuing projects raises concerns about long-term reliability. A review of Google's various services and their shortcomings and discontinuations.

00:00:00 Google's announcement of seven years of OS security and feature updates for the Pixel 8 is groundbreaking, but their history of discontinuing projects raises concerns about long-term reliability.

📣 Google plans to support Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro with 7 years of OS security and feature drop updates, setting an industry-leading standard in smartphone support.

Despite this, Google has a history of discontinuing products and services, raising doubts about the long-term reliability of relying on a large company.

🔄 Choosing between a small startup and a big company for smartphone support has its challenges, as both can potentially abandon projects or services.

00:01:22 Google is known for launching innovative projects, but if they don't gain enough users or revenue, they get axed. They have a long list of killed services, with recent ones being Google Domains, Google Jamboard, Google Podcasts, and Pixel Pass.

🔑 Google is known for axing projects that don't gain a large user base or generate significant revenue.

Numerous Google services and products have been discontinued over the years, including Google Plus, Hangouts, and Chromecast Audio.

🔄 When Google kills a product, they often provide alternative solutions or support for affected users.

00:02:36 A review of Google's various services, including Google Podcasts and Google Stadia, and their shortcomings and discontinuations.

📚 Google has integrated some features from other apps into YouTube Music and Google Podcasts, but the transition is not always perfect.

🎮 Google Stadia, a gaming service, only lasted a few years but users were able to export their saved data and were refunded for every game.

💻 Google Domains was discontinued shortly after a user transferred their website domain to the platform.

00:03:54 A recent Google subscription plan, Pixel Pass, offered a phone and bundled services for a monthly fee. However, the program was abruptly canceled before customers could receive their free phone upgrade, raising questions about trust in Google.

Google launched a subscription plan called Pixel Pass alongside the Pixel 6.

The plan offered a new Pixel phone every two years along with YouTube Premium, YouTube Music, and Google 1 storage.

Google abruptly ended the program before the first upgrade cycle, leading to a loss of trust.

00:05:06 Google's ambitious new announcement promises seven years of software updates for the Pixel, making devices more secure and useful for longer. However, the reliability of Google's promises remains uncertain.

🔑 Google's new announcement promises seven years of software updates for their Pixel smartphones, which is unprecedented in the industry.

Extending software support for longer periods benefits users, security, and the environment by making devices more useful and secure.

However, there is skepticism about whether Google will be able to fulfill their promise, as they have a history of breaking promises.

00:06:23 Exploring the trend of new tech features being announced but not available at launch, this video questions the longevity of Google's Pixel program.

📱 The Nexus program lasted five years before being replaced by the Pixel.

📺 Tech companies often announce new features that are not available at product launch.

Apple Watch's double tap feature was announced but is still in beta after a month.

00:07:38 The speaker discusses the trend of releasing unfinished tech products and advises against buying based on future updates.

🔑 Releasing half-finished games is a trend in the gaming industry that has negative consequences.

💡 Buying new tech based on the promise of future software updates is not recommended.

00:08:49 Video discussing the reliability of Google and Apple in delivering promised features at launch. Stay tuned for a review of Pixel phones. Thanks for watching!

🔍 The speaker hopes that Google and other companies can fulfill their promises.

📱 The speaker will be testing and reviewing the new Pixel phones.

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