Inside Facebook's Impressive Data Center

Facebook efficiently manages the profiles and data of billions of users in its massive data center, using cutting-edge technology and a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system to handle the demand.

00:00:01 Discover how Facebook manages the profiles and data of billions of users worldwide and the staggering technology behind it.

💻 Facebook is a phenomenon with over a billion users and a valuation of over 100 billion dollars.

🌐 Facebook's technology handles the profiles, photos, and messages of more than 1 in 7 people on the planet.

🖥️ Facebook's data centers in Northern California use technology on a staggering scale to store and process the massive amount of data.

00:01:15 A unique and unconventional working environment in Facebook's massive data center is efficiently handling the personal details of millions of users worldwide.

🏢 The Facebook Data Center is a unique and quirky environment.

📈 The website has been growing rapidly, adding 100 million new users every six months.

💾 Handling the storage needs of such a massive user base is a significant challenge.

00:02:32 Facebook Data Center stores and shares your information across interconnected buildings using cutting-edge servers and fiber-optic cables. The internet is a physical building, not a cloud.

🔒 Facebook data centers store vast amounts of user information in cutting-edge servers and memory banks.

⚡️ Data travels at the speed of light between servers through fiber-optic cables spanning over 21 million feet.

🏢 The internet is a physical entity, with interconnected buildings worldwide that exchange data.

00:03:46 A glimpse into the Facebook Data Center and its backup power system, essential for uninterrupted social networking. Heat management is crucial.

The Facebook Data Center has 30 megawatts of electricity and backup generators in case of a power failure.

The data center has 14 diesel generators that can generate up to three megawatts of power each.

Constant cooling is required to prevent the servers from overheating.

00:05:03 A state-of-the-art air-conditioning system in the massive Facebook Data Center regulates temperature and prevents servers from overheating. With almost 600 million daily users, the site continues to grow, requiring thousands of new servers daily.

🏢 Facebook's data center has a state-of-the-art natural air-conditioning system to regulate temperature and prevent servers from overheating.

🌬️ Cool air from Oregon is filtered and mixed with warm air, while a fine mist controls humidity.

🖥️ Facebook's data center handles a massive number of users, with almost 600 million people logging in daily.

00:06:18 The Facebook Data Center has over 100 petabytes of photos and videos, equivalent to 100,000 high-end PCs. Technicians navigate a labyrinth of servers to replace faulty circuit boards.

💻 Facebook Data Center has over a hundred petabytes of photos and videos, which is 100,000 times more data than a high-end PC.

🔍 Technicians like David Gaylord are responsible for finding and fixing failed server racks in the labyrinthine data center.

🔧 David Gaylord can replace an entire circuit board in a server once he locates it.

00:07:33 A massive data center is struggling to keep up with the demand as billions of people worldwide spend 20% of their online time on social networking and uploading content. Construction crews are working to increase capacity.

💡 Facebook Data Center is facing challenges due to the increasing online activity of billions of users.

⚙️ Construction crews are working hard to increase the capacity of the data center to accommodate the growing demand.

🏃‍♂️ Given the scale of online activity, time is of the essence for the construction crews to complete the expansion.

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