Steam Deck: My Year-Long Review

A year later, I share my experiences with the Steam Deck, including its initial failure and subsequent replacement attempts. It's a portable gaming device that brings joy and nostalgic experiences.

00:00:00 A year after getting my Steam Deck, I share my experiences and frustrations with it, including its initial failure and subsequent replacement attempts.

📅 The speaker has had their steam deck for about 14 months and will share their experiences with it.

🔁 They have had both good and frustrating experiences with the deck.

📦 The speaker faced issues with their original steam deck and had to go through the RMA process.

00:02:31 A year after getting my Steam Deck, I'm still amazed at how well it works. Being able to carry my entire Steam library with me is comforting, and I can play games that wouldn't normally leave the living room. The competitive price and availability of games make it a great choice over the Switch.

🎮 The Steam Deck allows you to carry your entire Steam library and play games on the go that would normally be restricted to the living room or home.

💰 The Steam Deck offers competitive pricing for both the device itself and the games, with sales events providing opportunities to save money. It also has a wide range of indie titles available.

🕹️ The automated battle system in games like Tales of Arise on the Steam Deck provides a fulfilling gaming experience, combining short casual sessions with the option for deep gameplay.

00:05:04 A year after its release, the Steam Deck's portability raises concerns due to its large size and difficulty fitting in bags, potentially limiting its use during travel.

The narrator appreciates having access to a wide library of games on the go.

The size of the Steam Deck can be a drawback for portability.

The narrator suggests considering other portable options if size and portability are important.

00:07:36 A year later, the Steam Deck is still primarily a mobile gaming PC. The transition between mobile and home gaming is seamless, similar to the Nintendo Switch. The D Brand's kill switch case provides a smaller and more functional enclosure for the deck. Performance is surprisingly competent.

⚙️ The Steam Deck is primarily a mobile gaming PC, with the ability to be used as a main computing device if necessary.

🕹️ Steam handles the transition between devices seamlessly, allowing users to continue gaming on their main rig without interruption.

🔁 While there may be some slight delays in save synchronization across devices, the overall transition experience is similar to the Nintendo Switch.

00:10:09 A year later, the Steam Deck still impresses with its customization options, improved resolution, and emulation capabilities. It's a portable gaming device that brings joy and nostalgic experiences.

🎮 The Steam Deck offers customization options, including hardware changes and software mods.

🔍 The screen resolution of the Steam Deck can be upgraded, but its size remains the same.

🕹️ The Steam Deck allows for easy emulation, providing a great gaming experience for older games.

00:12:41 A year after its release, the Steam Deck remains a powerful handheld PC with extensive customization options. It has sparked competition in the mobile gaming market, although its size may be a drawback for some users.

💡 There are several customizations available for the Steam Deck, including changing the look of Steam OS and adding Proton badges for game compatibility.

🔌 Additional launchers can be installed and customized on the Steam Deck using plugins like Steam Grid DB, and there are helpful plugins like Storage Cleaner for managing storage space.

🕹️ Valve's support for customization and the strong community behind the Steam Deck contribute to its potential for a longer lifespan compared to its competition in the handheld PC gaming market.

00:15:14 A year after its release, the Steam Deck continues to impress with its experimental features and Valve's hands-off approach. The vibrant deck plugin enhances the screen saturation for a better gaming experience. Support from Valve and the active community sets the deck apart.

🎮 The Steam Deck is a cool gadget that works well as a mobile PC handheld device.

🔍 Valve's hands-off approach and support from an active community set the Steam Deck apart from other PC handheld devices.

⏰ The Steam Deck's lifespan is not determined by exclusive games, but rather by continued support and a dedicated community.

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