iOS 17 - Customization and File Sharing Tips & Tricks

Learn tips, tricks, and hidden features of iOS 17 to customize contact posters and easily share contact information and files.

00:00:00 Learn tips, tricks, and hidden features of iOS 17 to customize contact posters and easily share contact information and files using Nam drop and Airdrop.

📱 iOS 17 has been released, and there are tips and tricks to customize contact posters.

📞 A new feature in iOS 17 called Nam drop allows easy sharing of contact information.

🔒 Airdrop feature can be used to share photos, videos, and other files between iPhones.

00:01:54 Learn about the new features in iOS 17, including photo sharing, interactive widgets, and shake to undo. Don't miss out on the cool wallpaper pack!

📷 You can transfer photos between iPhones running iOS 17 by using the share sheet and bringing the phones close to each other.

🧩 Widgets in iOS 17 are now fully interactive, allowing you to tap on them to perform actions such as playing a podcast or checking off reminders.

🔄 In iOS 17, you can use the shake to undo feature to easily fix the accidental movement of apps or widgets on your home screen.

00:03:48 Learn helpful iOS 17 tips & tricks for beginners, including adding a camera leveler, faster photo cropping, and creating iMessage stickers from any photo.

📷 You can add a camera leveler to your iPhone to ensure straight photos.

🖼️ Pinching to crop is a faster and more intuitive way to crop photos in iOS 17.

📸 You can turn any photo into an iMessage sticker by long-pressing on the subject and selecting 'add sticker'.

Long-pressing on an app icon on iOS 17 brings up additional shortcuts.

00:05:42 Learn about new features in iOS 17 such as fast haptic touch, turning your iPhone into an alarm clock, and using the Ping feature on Apple Watch to find your phone.

🔍 iOS 17 introduces a faster option for haptic touch activation.

You can turn your iPhone into an alarm clock or smart display in iOS 17.

📲 iOS 17 introduces a Ping feature to help locate lost iPhones.

00:07:38 Learn iOS 17 tips for beginners: ping your Apple watch from your iPhone and activate Siri faster by saying 'Siri'. Set multiple timers and name them for better organization.

🔍 In iOS 17, you can now find a misplaced Apple watch by pinging it from your iPhone's control center.

🎙️ Instead of saying 'Hey Siri', you can now activate Siri by simply saying 'Siri' in iOS 17.

⏱️ iOS 17 allows you to set and name multiple timers using Siri.

00:09:33 Discover tips & tricks for iOS 17 beginners, including setting timers with Siri, downloading offline maps, and increasing privacy in Safari.

You can set a timer with Siri in iOS 17 by simply saying the command.

🗺️ In iOS 17, Apple Maps now allows you to download offline maps for easy access to maps without a cellular network.

🔒 iOS 17 introduces an additional layer of security in Safari's private browsing tabs with the requirement of a successful face ID scan to unlock.

00:11:27 iOS 17 now allows autofilling of two-factor verification codes from both SMS and email, saving time and storage space. Learn this and more tips and tricks in this video.

🔑 iOS 17 now allows autofill of two-factor verification codes received via email.

🗑️ In iOS 17, there is a new setting to automatically delete verification codes after using autofill.

📱 These iOS 17 tips and tricks can help save time and declutter messages and emails.

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