Decentralized Framework for Efficient Information Flow: AME 2 Second Lean Tour

Learn about the AME 2 Second Lean Tour at Greater Ozarks Realty and their decentralized framework for efficient information flow and agile decision-making.

00:00:00 In this video, Richard Evans hosts the AME 2 Second Lean Tour and introduces Hugh Carnahan from Greater Ozarks Realty. They discuss the two-second lean framework, morning meetings, and the decentralized implementation of lean practices in a remote work environment.

🌍 The host introduces the purpose of the video, which is to showcase organizations that follow a philosophy of growing people.

🏒 The video focuses on Greater Ozarks Realty and their transformation into a two-second lean culture.

⏰ The speaker explains the unique morning meeting routine implemented at Greater Ozarks Realty, which includes a focus of the week and decentralized work.

00:06:53 AME 2 Second Lean Tour: Greater Ozarks Realty. A decentralized framework for efficient information flow and agile decision-making. Visual controls improve trailer maintenance. Sharing ideas and knowledge for lasting impact.

πŸ“š Active learning and interaction improves knowledge retention.

⏰ Efficient daily meetings and decentralized communication lead to organizational agility.

πŸ” Strong visual controls enhance process efficiency and effectiveness.

00:13:45 An employee expresses gratitude for the opportunity to connect with remote teams. Another employee shares their experience of personal growth through communication skills. The video also discusses the importance of developing employees and implementing lean practices to reduce waste in transportation.

🏒 Greater Ozarks Realty has implemented the Two Second Lean method and has experienced significant changes in their operations.

πŸ™ The team expresses gratitude for the opportunity to connect with teams remotely, leverage technology, and develop their employees.

πŸš— The speaker discusses the transportation waste in their job involving the movement of vehicles, gas cans, and fuel, and suggests ways to minimize this waste.

00:20:38 This video discusses the principles of lean manufacturing, including the concept of continuous improvement and the importance of training and preparation. It also highlights the culture of problem-solving and the need for companies to adopt a new philosophy to adapt to changing times.

πŸ”‘ Implementing small improvements saves time and reduces headaches.

πŸ‘ Expressing appreciation for individuals and their contributions.

πŸ“š Importance of preparation and training in achieving excellence.

πŸ’‘ Creating a culture of problem-solving and ownership.

🌍 Adopting a new philosophy to address challenges and drive change.

00:27:32 In this video, a demonstration of the 2 Second Lean philosophy is given through personal examples. The speaker discusses the importance of continuous improvement and adopting a customer-centric approach.

🎯 The two-second lean philosophy is a new way of thinking about life and continuous improvement.

🎲 The speaker demonstrates how they applied the two-second lean principles to organize and improve their personal Dungeons and Dragons game.

πŸ” Continuous improvement is a key principle in two-second lean, and it involves constantly improving and finding better ways to do things.

00:34:25 Two-second lean culture takes hold in companies that have internalized the idea of teaching and learning. The owner or leader is responsible for teaching and building the culture of continuous improvement. Overcoming resistance to public speaking is achieved through practice and support.

πŸ“‹ The success of a two-second lean culture in companies like Fast Caps and CD Matters is because the workforce internalizes the teaching and the leader supports it.

⏰ Implementing the two-second lean culture requires dedicating time for teaching and learning, with daily meetings and a focus on problem-solving and continuous improvement.

πŸ—£οΈ Overcoming resistance to speaking up in meetings can be achieved through practice, support, and encouragement, allowing employees to become comfortable with public speaking.

00:41:19 During the AME 2 Second Lean Tour at Greater Ozarks Realty, the speaker discusses the challenges of transitioning to a lean transformation and the benefits of standardizing trailer hitches. They also address how companies can structure morning meetings and 3s when they are open to the public. The video concludes with feedback from participants and a reminder to donate to AME.

πŸ”‘ Transitioning to a lean company from scratch is challenging but more efficient.

πŸ‘₯ Standardizing trailer hitches in equipment upgrades saves time and simplifies processes.

⏰ Morning meetings and 3S can be scheduled before business hours to accommodate customers.

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