Affiliate Program: Earn Commissions and Get Exclusive Rewards

Learn how to earn commissions by promoting products and get exclusive rewards as an affiliate partner.

00:00:00 Learn how the affiliate system works, register and earn 30% commission. Access statistics, set payout method, and create referral link.

πŸ“Š The video explains how the affiliate system works and what you can do with it.

πŸ’° By signing up and becoming active, you can earn a 30% commission for every sale.

πŸ”— One important aspect is the ability to create a referral link for generating sales.

00:01:04 Learn how to become an affiliate partner and earn commissions by promoting products. Get a code for 50% off and share it with your audience.

πŸ“ The video explains how to generate a new affiliate partner and customize its name.

πŸ’° Affiliates receive a commission if a user makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking their link.

πŸ”‘ Affiliates can offer a 50% discount to users by providing a global code.

00:02:08 Learn how to leverage affiliate codes to provide discounts and track commissions. Also, explore the option of forwarding users to your own website.

πŸ”‘ You can create affiliate codes that offer discounts to users when they click on your link.

πŸ”‘ Users can purchase products immediately with the discount without entering any information.

πŸ”‘ You can also forward users to your own website while still earning commissions.

00:03:09 Learn about the advantages of having your own referral link and how to get one. Also, find out about the potential rewards and offers available.

πŸ“£ You can get your own referral link by messaging us, allowing users to enter your code instead of clicking the link.

πŸ’° When users enter your code, you will receive a commission.

πŸ“… From February 19th to 28th, we have a special offer and a one-time only event called the founders patch.

00:04:14 Exclusive rewards for early customers including beta tests and free access for one month. Affiliates receive 20% commission, but fly research video creators get 30% commission.

🎁 Customers who sign up before March will receive exclusive rewards, including early access to new tools and beta tests.

πŸ’° Affiliates will receive a 20% commission on recurring payments, but those who create and share videos for flying research will receive a 30% commission.

πŸ€” The decision to believe and support the company is left to the individual.

00:05:17 Learn how to become an affiliate partner and earn a 30% commission. Message us for more details and start earning today!

πŸ’° By making or promoting exclusively, you can earn a 30% commission.

πŸ“§ If interested, send a message and we can discuss further details.

πŸ—“οΈ The affiliate system will be active from Friday until the end of February.

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