Importance of Employee Induction and Collaboration in Onboarding

The importance of employee induction and the benefits of training and certification. Collaboration between HR and managers is crucial. Effective onboarding ensures employee understanding of history, values, and policies.

00:00:00 The importance of employee induction in organizations and the benefits of training and certification in improving performance.

👨‍💼 Proper onboarding and training are essential for an organization to have well-prepared and competent employees.

⏱️ Dedicating time to training and certification is crucial for employees to effectively manage processes and excel in their roles.

🌟 Induction is the foundation for employees to understand and align with the organization's values and goals.

00:01:24 Importance of effective onboarding for new employees to ensure success and avoid future problems. Collaboration between HR and department managers is crucial.

📚 A proper employee induction is crucial for a smooth start in a company.

🔑 Insufficient induction can lead to problems and misunderstandings in the future.

🤝 Collaboration between HR and department managers is essential for a successful employee onboarding.

00:02:47 The importance of conducting an effective onboarding process to ensure employees have a clear understanding of the organization's history, values, and policies.

🏢 An effective onboarding process involves providing clear information about the organization's history, present, future, and values.

📹 Some companies use videos to share the organization's story, while providing additional information about policies, procedures, and key aspects.

💻 Using an online platform for onboarding can greatly enhance the process by providing interactive learning resources.

00:04:08 Learn about the importance of effective onboarding and induction processes for new employees to ensure comprehension and success in their roles.

📝 It is important to assess the understanding of new employees during the induction process.

💼 In addition to a general induction, there should be a specific induction for the new employee's role.

🔑 Human resources should assist supervisors in effectively sharing information with new employees.

00:05:29 The importance of efficient and effective onboarding in human resources is highlighted. Ongoing support and evaluation of new employees is crucial for their success.

👥 Human resources' responsibility doesn't end after hiring; they need to provide ongoing support and evaluation.

💼 HR should assess a new employee's understanding of their role to provide feedback and recommendations for improvement.

🔑 Key points in the onboarding process include making a good first impression, being prepared for induction, and providing a welcoming environment.

00:06:51 Create an effective onboarding process for new employees to ensure clarity and productivity. Assess employee performance after 15 days and 3 months.

📌 Having a protocol for new employees is important to set clear expectations and ensure a professional onboarding process.

🗒️ Informing new employees about performance expectations in a friendly and clear manner helps them be prepared for their induction.

⏱️ Conducting a performance evaluation after a month and having follow-up visits with employees can contribute to their productivity.

00:08:11 Learn how to effectively onboard new employees with the Human Resources INDUCTION LABOR video by Ana María Godinez Software de RRHH. Get a guide by contacting us.

🔑 Creating an effective onboarding process is crucial for the long-term success of a new employee.

⚙️ Start the onboarding process by asking the new employee how they have been feeling, what they feel is lacking, and any other relevant questions.

📚 If you reach out for more information, you can receive a guide on how to create an effective onboarding process.

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