China's Nuclear Submarine Explosion: Unveiling the Fukushima Water Controversy

A shocking explosion of China's nuclear submarine raises concerns about the motives behind the Fukushima water controversy and potential riots.

00:00:00 A shocking explosion of China's powerful nuclear submarine raises concerns about the real motive behind the Fukushima water controversy.

💣 China's strongest nuclear submarine experienced a massive explosion, indicating a severe radiation contamination.

🔬 The recent controversy surrounding China's water treatment is possibly a cover-up for their own radiation pollution.

🚢 The establishment of a new fleet of next-generation nuclear submarines is being planned by the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, aiming to counter China's influence in the Indo-Pacific region.

00:01:41 A video discusses the problems with Russia's nuclear submarines and the risks they pose due to neglect and lack of funding for maintenance. It also highlights the advantages of nuclear submarines.

🔑 Russia's nuclear submarines face issues due to economic difficulties and lack of maintenance.

💣 Incidents like the sinking of Kursk and detection of high radiation levels raise international concerns about the risks posed by abandoned submarines.

⚛️ Nuclear submarines have advantages such as longer endurance and higher energy density compared to conventional diesel-powered submarines.

00:03:24 An explosion in China's nuclear submarine has raised concerns about the disposal of nuclear waste. The submarine, named 093, is China's second attack-type nuclear submarine.

💡 China's nuclear submarines are important for their rapid deployment and tactical maneuverability, but they come with a high cost and risk of radioactive material leakage during accidents.

🌊 The disposal of nuclear submarines' reactors and fuel raises concerns about the impact on people's health and the environment, although advancements in technology have made designs more efficient and safe.

🌍 China's recent explosion incident involving a nuclear submarine has drawn attention to the issue of processing water, highlighting the need to monitor the actions of other countries with nuclear submarines for Japan's security.

00:05:05 An underwater explosion occurred in the South China Sea with a force equivalent to 20 kilotons of TNT, causing radiation levels to rise along the Chinese coast and Taiwan. The incident raises tensions in the Taiwan Strait and could have major implications for China's military power.

💥 In November 2019, a water explosion equivalent to 20 kilotons of TNT occurred in the South China Sea. The explosion caused a rise in radiation levels in coastal areas of China and Taiwan.

🔍 The cause of the explosion, which resulted in the death of all crew members on a Chinese nuclear submarine, is still unknown. Possible causes include reactor malfunction and submarine collision.

🌍 This incident has significant implications for China's military power and has heightened tensions in the Taiwan Strait.

00:06:44 An explosion in a submarine's nuclear compartment caused a massive explosion, resulting in the death of 72 Chinese civilians. The White House believes it was an accident, not intentional provocation by Xi Jinping.

💰 The explosion in Beijing was an accident caused by a malfunction in the nuclear compartment of a submarine.

🚨 The explosion resulted in the loss of 72 Chinese civilian lives.

🌎 The White House believes it was an accident and not an intentional provocation by Xi Jinping.

00:08:25 A shocking revelation about the water treatment issue in China reveals a potential cover-up of a nuclear submarine accident, leading to concerns of a major explosion and possible riots.

🔍 According to Dr. Terence Sykes, a professor of nuclear engineering at the University of Illinois, the majority of released radioactive substances permeate into water and are absorbed by nearby soil, plants, and animals.

🚢 China's submarine technology is not yet advanced enough, leading to the possibility of accidents. Despite improvements in stealth capabilities, Chinese submarines still make enough noise to cause crew members to experience anxiety.

🔐 In comparison to Japan's Sōryū-class submarines, Chinese submarines can only reach about half the depth and have been a topic of concern in terms of their capabilities beyond stealth.

🎧 The NS110 used in Japan's navy has superior pressure resistance and deep penetration vibration capabilities, which China's technology cannot replicate.

🌍 China's lack of reliable allies and its limited alliance with the United States, which has alliances with 40 countries worldwide, are further challenges for China in times of crisis.

00:10:07 Japan's plan to establish a new nuclear submarine fleet is seen as a strong move. There is a debate on whether Japan should have nuclear submarines, but it has the necessary funds and technology.

🔑 The importance of submarine power in international relations.

💣 Discussion on Japan potentially creating a new nuclear submarine fleet.

💰 Japan's capability to fund and develop a nuclear submarine.

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