Scheduling Meetings Made Easy with Motion Booking Links

Learn how Motion Booking Links simplify scheduling meetings by customizing availability, generating a booking link, and more.

00:00:01 Learn how Motion Booking Links make scheduling meetings easy. Customize your availability, generate a booking link, and send it off.

📅 Motion booking links simplify the process of finding a convenient time to meet with someone by allowing external users to view our availability and select a suitable time slot.

⏱️ We can manually choose specific time slots using the drag time slots feature in motion booking links, making it easier to schedule meetings at times that work best for us.

🔧 Motion booking links offer a high level of customization, allowing us to tailor the booking process to our specific needs.

00:01:06 Learn how to customize booking links by embedding them into a custom schedule, setting attendance requirements, adding buffer time between meetings, and more.

The video explains how to customize booking links, including parameters such as schedule, attendance requirements, buffer time, and questionnaire.

📝 By embedding a booking link into a custom schedule, users can easily book time by filling out their name, email, and answering a set of pre-made questions.

📅 The tutorial demonstrates how to view available times and how the questionnaire auto-populates for the end user when selecting a time slot.

Summary of a video "Motion Booking Link Tutorial" by Harry Qi on YouTube.

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