Dreaming of Sleep Moves and Hair Struggles | Sueños #storytime

A dream about moving in their sleep leads to a messy bed. A video titled 'Sueños' where the speaker shares their hair struggles and hopes for viewer enjoyment.

00:00:00 In this #storytime video, the narrator recounts a dream where they tried to move in their sleep, inadvertently causing a mess in their bed.

🌙 The video is about a dream where the speaker tries to move during sleep.

💭 The speaker wonders what would happen if they could move in their dream.

😴 The speaker accidentally moves their foot forcefully, causing a mess on their bed.

00:01:05 A storytime video titled 'Sueños' where the speaker discusses their dislike for their hair and their hopes for the viewer to enjoy the video.

📷 The speaker didn't like their real hair so they cut it and took a photo.

👋 The speaker hopes the audience enjoyed the storytime and says goodbye.

Summary of a video "Sueños #storytime" by Eltobix LoL on YouTube.

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