UK vs HK Housing: The Price of Space

A comparison between UK and Hong Kong housing, highlighting the limited space and high prices in Hong Kong compared to the UK.

00:00:00 A comparison between UK and Hong Kong housing, discussing rent prices, convenience, and other differences.

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💼 The video will discuss the differences between housing in the UK and Hong Kong, including rent prices and convenience.

📏 In Hong Kong, it is common to ask about the size of a rented property in square feet, but this is rare in the UK.

00:01:03 A comparison between UK and HK housing. In the UK, it's normal to get a property under one million dollars with multiple bedrooms and amenities. In Hong Kong, one million dollars can only get a small deposit due to high prices and limited land availability.

In the UK, housing is primarily described by the number of bedrooms, amenities, and car parking spaces.

In Hong Kong, housing is mainly measured by square footage and the high cost of properties.

The limited land availability in Hong Kong results in a higher population density compared to Scotland.

00:02:07 The video discusses the housing situation in UK and HK, highlighting the limited space in HK and its impact on health and well-being. It also mentions the idea of building an island to increase space. The high cost of living in HK is compared to the UK, emphasizing the disparity in minimum wages.

🏠 Hong Kong has limited housing, leading to health and psychological problems, especially for families with kids, who have to live in small spaces. UK, on the other hand, has more space available.

🏝️ There are plans to build an island near Hong Kong to increase the available space, but currently, not much is being done to address the housing issue.

💰 Hong Kong is one of the most expensive places to live, but the wages are relatively low compared to the UK, making it challenging for people to afford a comfortable living.

00:03:04 This video discusses the housing situations in the UK and Hong Kong. Hong Kong's government backing has made it expensive to live there, causing struggles for the native population.

💼 Hong Kong's housing market is backed by the government, but this has led to high living costs.

📝 Native residents of Hong Kong are struggling to afford the rent.

💬 Discussion on how to improve Hong Kong's housing situation is encouraged.

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