Panama's 2019 Presidential Debate: Proposals for a Fairer Panama

Candidates in Panama's 2019 presidential debate discuss challenges and propose reforms for a fairer Panama, emphasizing the need for a new president.

00:00:00 Final intervention of Panama's 2019 presidential debate. Candidates discuss challenges and propose a fairer Panama with constitutional changes, healthcare and education reforms, agricultural improvements, and economic growth.

💡 The final part of the presidential debate features each candidate giving a one-minute conclusion.

💼 The future president will face various challenges, including constitutional change, healthcare reform, education, agriculture, and economic growth.

🌟 The speaker emphasizes the importance of a fairer Panama and the possibility of profound changes in the country.

00:01:33 The final intervention in the 2019 Panama presidential debate questions the capacity and character to confront vested interests and unite the country, emphasizing the need for a new president. The speaker highlights their ability and willingness to lead and bring about change.

👥 The key question is who has the capacity and character to confront vested interests and unite the country, regardless of political parties.

💪 Some candidates want to bring change but lack the ability, while others have the ability but lack the will. One candidate claims to have both the ability and will to change the country.

🗳️ It is crucial for voters to realize through this debate which candidates offer the right path for Panama, as complaints alone have not been enough in the past five years.

00:03:04 Panama 2019 Presidential Debate. Final Intervention: Breaking away from imposed corruption and backwardness, giving Panamanians the destiny they deserve. Challenging traditional parties' failed economic model and advocating for constitutional reform.

🇵🇦 Panamanians breaking free from imposed corruption and backwardness.

Challenging traditional political parties and advocating for a new economic model.

🏭 Promoting a government that prioritizes the interests of Panama over economic and political groups.

00:04:36 Presidential debate in Panama 2019. Final intervention. Two candidates present their visions for a prosperous, just, and united country, focusing on private investment and serving the needs of the people.

👷‍♂️ I want to be the first worker in this country to facilitate private investment and generate employment.

🤝 Let's unite forces to build a prosperous and just country, especially for the most needy.

🗳️ Every five years, we vote for those who don't want the best for us. It's time for a citizen to take the lead.

00:06:10 The country's situation can't continue as it is. On May 5th, you have to decide your future. This government is ending, choose between more of the same or real change. Let's not make the same mistake again. With your vote, we can have a government that delivers on its promises and defends the people's interests.

The current government is ending, and the audience has the opportunity to choose between more of the same or real change.

👍 In the past five years, the economy grew, unemployment decreased, and opportunities were created for the people.

The speaker questions why the audience should believe the promises of the candidates who have lied and stolen from them in the past.

00:07:43 Final intervention in the 2019 Panama presidential debate. Candidates express the importance of choosing a different Panama and not being influenced by manipulated polls or promises.

Despite manipulated polls and empty promises, the candidates in the Panamanian presidential debate acknowledged that the country's future lies in the hands of the voters.

🗳️ The debate, organized by the university and the electoral tribunal, highlighted the importance of mandatory participation in at least two debates for presidential candidates.

🌟 The candidates thanked the organizers and emphasized the significance of this exercise in presenting their proposals to the country.

00:09:33 A discussion about various political proposals, including education and agriculture, in the final intervention of the 2019 Panama presidential debate.

The speaker expected to be attacked in politics and discussed various proposals including studying without hunger, commitment to early childhood, community markets, agricultural transformation, and education.

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