Creating an International Market Entry Plan: Research, Evaluation, and Successful Exportation

The video discusses the process of creating an international market entry plan, emphasizing research, evaluation, and challenges of successful exportation.

00:00:00 This video discusses the process of creating an international market entry plan, including the selection of the product, company, and market. It emphasizes the importance of research and evaluation in determining the feasibility of entering a specific market.

🌍 The video discusses the process of creating an introduction plan for entering international markets.

💼 The plan involves selecting the appropriate product, evaluating the company's strengths and weaknesses, and identifying the target market.

📊 Factors such as market research, market selection, and entry strategies are crucial for success in international markets.

00:15:10 Learn the critical factors to consider when creating an international market introduction plan. Understand the challenges and strategies for successful exportation.

⚙️ Exporters need to consider temperature changes during transportation as it affects the product quality and compliance with market standards.

💼 Proper management and formalization are essential for successful international trade, including understanding financial requirements and obligations.

🤝 Negotiation skills and knowledge of international contracts, incoterms, and payment methods are crucial for building trust and ensuring smooth transactions.

💸 The fluctuation of exchange rates and unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, can impact profitability in international trade.

00:30:19 How to create an international market introduction plan. Requirements for producers and entrepreneurs, including negotiations, finance, compliance, and export management. Evaluating readiness for international markets.

💡 To successfully enter the international market, it is important to create an introduction plan that considers requirements for both producers and entrepreneurs.

💼 Factors to consider when entering the international market include export experience, product adaptation, available resources, and market information.

💰 Entering the international market requires financial preparation, including budgeting for personnel, product development, certifications, and payment instruments.

00:45:31 Cómo elaborar un plan de introducción al Mercado Internacional [22 de mayo de 2013].

🌍 There are tools available to gather information about different countries before entering international markets.

💼 Market research is crucial for understanding the size and trends of the target market, as well as identifying opportunities and potential risks.

💡 It is important to evaluate whether a product is a passing trend or a sustainable market opportunity before investing in its internationalization.

01:00:40 The video discusses the steps to successfully enter the international market, starting from indirect entry through subcontracting to direct entry with a brand. It emphasizes the importance of a structured market entry plan and the need to adapt and flexibly adjust strategies. It also highlights the significance of building a brand and creating value-added products for long-term success.

⚡️ The video discusses the process of entering international markets, emphasizing the importance of market selection and entry modes.

💡 It explains that companies can enter international markets directly or indirectly through partnerships or subcontracting, depending on their resources and market knowledge.

The video advises starting with indirect entry methods but highlights the need for companies to eventually establish a direct presence to evaluate the market and maximize profits.

01:15:51 Creating an international market entry plan involves evaluating the potential success of a product, considering distinguishing features, copying successful competitors, pricing based on perceived value, and controlling distribution channels.

🌎 Creating a plan for international market entry requires researching and understanding the target market and its consumers.

💰 Setting the right price for international markets involves considering the perceived value by customers and the costs associated with distribution.

🚢 Controlling the international physical distribution is crucial for successful export operations, and eliminating unnecessary intermediaries in the distribution channel can increase profitability.

01:31:02 Learn how to create an international market entry plan. Find out how to eliminate intermediaries and sell directly to the end consumer for maximum profit.

💡 The key to success in international markets is to eliminate intermediaries and get closer to the end consumer.

💼 Exporters should focus on finding intermediaries by starting with direct contact with the end consumer and then working their way back through the distribution channel.

🌍 Certifications and adapting products to the target market are crucial for successful international expansion.

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