Episode 3 - The Impact of Guilt

A therapist helps Antonio explore guilt and repressed memories, uncovering trauma and its impact on his life.

00:00:04 A 63-year-old man named Antonio feels guilty about placing his father in a nursing home and reflects on his religious upbringing during therapy.

Antonio, a patient, shares his feelings of guilt and remorse.

Antonio discusses his relationship with his father and the decision to place him in a geriatric home.

Antonio expresses his conflicted feelings about seeking therapy and his faith.

00:04:02 A therapist discusses the concept of guilt with a patient named Antonio, who feels guilty about various things. They explore the deeper meaning of guilt and its impact on Antonio's life.

🔑 Antonio feels guilty about various things in his life.

💡 Feeling guilty about many things may indicate a deeper underlying guilt.

🤔 Antonio expresses anger towards certain individuals but feels a strong connection to the people in his parish.

00:08:00 A therapist is accused of sexual interest in a woman he knows from his parish. He reflects on their complicated relationship and his intentions.

📺 Antonio denies using his position for personal gain and clarifies his statement about a woman at his parish.

🔍 Antonio reflects on his relationship with his previous family and the complications that arose.

👨‍👧 Antonio discusses the name change and the change in the way Maria looks at him.

00:11:59 A teenage boy reflects on a defining moment in his life when he experienced a sexual encounter with his friend's girlfriend while his mother was dying.

📖 The protagonist recalls an event from his teenage years when he and his friends engaged in risky behavior during a spring picnic.

😔 He feels guilt and shame over not being able to engage in sexual activity with a girl named Anna while his friend Roberto did.

💔 The protagonist's mother passes away, leading him to consider becoming a priest.

00:16:00 In episode 3 of Historias de Divan, Antonio grapples with a repressed memory of feeling guilty about his mother's death and explores the connection between this guilt and a childhood experience with his friend Roberto.

The protagonist experiences repressed memories and feelings of guilt related to his mother's death.

😔 Through therapy, the protagonist explores the connection between his guilt and past experiences, including a childhood incident with a friend.

🌟 The protagonist confronts feelings of shame and realizes the need to let go of the burdens he carries.

00:20:00 Episode 3 of Historias de Divan - The Blame of Antonio. Antonio feels confused and guilty about repressed memories and his inability to have physical relationships. Therapy reveals underlying trauma and self-imposed punishment.

🔑 Antonio repressed a significant memory that involved Anna and feels confused about it.

🤔 Antonio deduced the existence of Anna based on his inability to pronounce the name 'Mariana'.

💔 Antonio's guilt and self-punishment stem from childhood trauma related to his mother's death.

00:24:00 A therapist reflects on a boy named Antonio and his struggle with innocence. The therapist discusses his own guilt and questions about his sexuality. He admires Antonio's compassion and offers support.

📝 Antonio's childhood excitement and innocence affected his life.

🔍 His concern for Mariana's innocence reflected his own lost innocence.

💔 Antonio questions his sexual orientation and confronts his confessor.

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