Transforming Education: Arturo Urien Kindergarten's Journey

Investigation into improving education quality and enrollment at Arturo Urien Kindergarten through self-evaluation and a comprehensive pedagogical model.

00:00:10 Investigación acción: Jardin de niños Arturo Urien. Changing the paradigm of research in education to improve the quality of educational services and increase enrollment.

💡 Changing the paradigm of research in education to implement self-assessment.

📚 Improving the educational service by reviewing the institution's vision, mission, and values.

🔄 Constantly evaluating and adjusting the educational practices to meet the needs of the student population.

00:01:56 Investigation action in Arturo Urien kindergarten improves education quality through self-evaluation, identifying weaknesses and implementing a pedagogical model based on comprehensive language, multiple intelligences, and values.

Implementing self-evaluation and assessment processes has led to continuous improvement in the quality of education at the Arturo Urien Kindergarten.

📚 An external evaluation highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the institution, allowing for the development of a pedagogical model based on integral language, multiple intelligences, and values.

🏫 The Arturo Urien Kindergarten has overcome initial challenges of self-evaluation and has been able to provide a better quality of education through continuous modifications and improvements.

00:03:54 Investigación acción: Jardin de niños Arturo Urien focuses on self-assessment of teachers and students, fostering a positive environment of trust and community involvement.

📝 Teachers and staff conduct self-evaluations twice a year to identify areas for improvement.

👧👦 Children's evaluations are obtained through questions and drawings, allowing them to express their preferences and concerns.

🏫🤝 The institution actively engages with the community, fostering partnerships and promoting its institutional philosophy.

00:05:42 Investigation Action: Arturo Urien Kindergarten. Children find joy in ministry, society, and education. Peace march emphasizes problem-solving and family involvement. Plant gifts promote nature connection and growth.

👧🏻👦🏽 The presence of a playground has brought great joy to the children.

🌍✌️ The march for peace is not just a one-day event, but a continuous process of problem-solving and daily contribution to peace.

👪🌱 Families and community members are actively involved in the peace-building activities, including planting and nurturing plants.

00:07:33 A documentary about the collaborative efforts of teachers, staff, and the director at Jardin de niños Arturo Urien to create an inclusive and democratic learning environment.

🔍 Investigación-acción en el jardín de niños Arturo Urien

🤝 Importance of collaboration and negotiation

💡 Valuing ideas rather than who said them

00:09:21 Investigación acción: Jardin de niños Arturo Urien. A story of transformation and overcoming challenges in education through evaluation and teamwork.

📚 Preparation and a conducive environment are key for successful action research in the kindergarten.

💪 Implementing action research requires going beyond the requirements set by the ministry.

🔄 Changing mindsets and establishing a culture of evaluation is a challenging but essential aspect of action research.

00:11:10 An investigation into the actions taken at the Arturo Urien kindergarten to improve and achieve different results.

🔍 Investigación acción allows us to improve and grow.

💪 It helps us to be better every day.

🔄 Doing the same thing won't give us different results.

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