A Glimpse into the Desk Setup of a Manga Artist

A manga artist gives a tour of their simple desk setup, including an iPad, MacBook Pro, curved monitor, and LED lights.

00:00:00 A simple desk tour video by a manga artist showcasing their workspace, including an iPad and Apple Pencil for drawing and editing.

📝 The video is a desk tour by a SNS manga artist who shares their simple workspace and devices they use.

💻 The artist primarily uses an iPad, specifically a 12.9-inch 5th generation model, for drawing and editing their manga.

🖊️ They highly recommend the Apple pencil they use, which has a grip similar to that of a graphics tablet and can be charged while attached to the iPad.

00:01:59 A simple desk tour by a manga artist on social media. They use an iPad stand and a MacBook Pro 13-inch. The desk has a large curved gaming monitor and a tape-style LED light. There is also a cat clock with LED lights.

🖥️ The YouTuber's desk setup includes an iPad stand and a MacBook Pro 13-inch.

🖥️ The MacBook Pro keyboard is broken, but the rest of the laptop works fine.

🖥️ A curved gaming monitor, hkc 34-inch, is used for work and watching YouTube.

🖥️ A tape-style LED light is used to add backlighting to the monitor.

⏰ The YouTuber recently bought a cat-shaped clock with LED lights for around 1000 yen.

00:03:57 A tour of a simple desk environment by a manga artist on social media. Includes a mysterious number and various items on the desk.

⏰ The video discusses the mysterious numbers that appear after the time on the desk clock.

🖌️ The black humanoid figure seen throughout the video is a drawing model used for posing references.

🛋️ The desk setup features items from a well-known brand, including a lantern bought in Vietnam.

00:05:59 A tour of the simple desk environment of a social media manga artist. Includes decor, cleaning supplies, electronic devices, and wireless earphones.

📝 The video showcases the desk environment of a manga artist known for their presence on social media.

💼 Various items are displayed on the desk, including a stylish package of room oil from Gucci and cleaning supplies from Muji.

🎧 The desk also contains a left-hand device with shortcut keys, wireless earphones, a GoPro 8, an Apple Pencil with a pen case, and a microSD card.

00:07:56 A tour of a simple desk setup by a manga artist on social media. Includes information about the artist's pens and tablet. The artist also shares their schedule book and vitamin storage.

🖊️ The speaker discusses their simple desk setup as a manga artist, including the high cost of certain pens and the use of paper-like film to make the iPad screen easier to write on.

📱 The speaker explains that the Apple Pencil can wear down over time and mentions the need to replace it when the paper-like film starts to erode.

📝 The speaker shares their experience using a specific pen and notes that it is not ideal for drawing, but works well for writing and scheduling.

00:09:56 A tour of a simple desk environment of a manga artist who uses a schedule book to manage progress, artistic goals, and plans. The desk is organized with shelves for cosmetics, a pulley system for easy access, and accessories stored in MUJI products.

🗒️ Managing progress, goals, and schedules is important for freelancers.

📦 The desk has various shelves for organizing cosmetics and accessories.

🔥 Using a particular incense while working, but caution is needed.

💄 Cosmetics, sunscreen, and beauty tools are also present on the desk.

🪑 The desk chair is from a brand called Ito Ukio.

00:11:56 A simple desk setup tour by an SNS manga artist. They found a recommended chair for around 30,000 yen and a spacious desk with room for a curved monitor and writing space. The desk was assembled with the help of their spouse.

🖥️ The video is a desk tour of a manga artist's simple workspace.

💺 The artist discusses their search for an affordable and comfortable office chair.

🖥️🖊️ The desk is spacious, allowing for a curved monitor and a writing space.

Summary of a video "【デスクツアー】SNS漫画家のシンプルなデスク環境紹介!" by なぎむぎの日常 on YouTube.

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