The September Prophetic Word: Purification and Manifestation

A prophetic word for September, as the fire of God purifies and manifests the Holy Spirit's power, refining and cleansing the church for God's return.

00:00:00 A prophetic word for September. The fire of God is coming to purify us and manifest the Holy Spirit's power.

🔥 The fire of God is twofold: the refining fire that purifies us and the power and manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

🎵 The prophetic word for September is connected to the song 'Here For You' by Matt Redman.

💒 The speaker believes that the fire of God is about to fall upon the church.

00:01:05 September brings a refining fire upon the church, cleansing and purifying for God's return for a pure bride.

🔥 The month of September will bring a refining fire upon the church to cleanse and purify.

💍 God is preparing for the return of a pure and spotless bride.

🎵 The song emphasizes that nothing is hidden before the Lord and our hearts are open to Him.

00:02:09 God is going to refine and cleanse his church on a whole new level, continuing the exposing and cleansing process within the body of Christ.

🔥 God will baptize believers with the Holy Spirit and fire, purifying and cleansing the church.

⚖️ God will refine and cleanse his church on a whole new level.

🙏 The process of exposing and cleansing within the body of Christ is ongoing.

00:03:14 Get ready for the refining fire of God in September, as he purifies believers to be pure vessels for his greater glory and manifestation.

🔥 Believers need to go through a refining process to become pure vessels for God.

⚡️ God's fire will cleanse and refine everything until believers are spotless.

There will be a greater manifestation of God's presence and glory in the church.

00:04:22 Prepare for what God foretells will happen in September. Pray for a purified heart and an everlasting presence of the Holy Spirit.

🙏 Praying for God to cleanse and refine our hearts.

🌟 Seeking a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

00:05:26 Prepare for a refining process in our lives to host God's presence. Praying for cleansing of hearts and removal of anything not of God.

🔍 The refining and cleaning up processes are necessary in our lives.

🙏 Praying for God to reveal and remove anything that is not of Him in our hearts.

Seeking a greater presence of God and becoming more like Jesus Christ.

00:06:29 An upcoming greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit in September. Watch the video to prepare and receive the prophetic words.

🙏 A prayer for a greater manifestation of the Holy Spirit upon people and the church.

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