AI News Highlights: Open AI, Meta, Windows 11, and YouTube's AI Features

Open AI dominates AI news with new launches including Dolly 3, web browsing capabilities, multimodal features, and voice communication. Meta also launches new AI products and features. Windows 11 introduces Co-Pilot. YouTube showcases upcoming AI features.

00:00:00 Open AI dominates AI news with new launches including Dolly 3, a powerful generative art product, and web browsing capabilities in Chat GPT, accessing the entire internet.

📰 Open AI dominated the AI news with game-changing launches including Dolly 3, an advanced generative art product, and web browsing capabilities in Chat GPT.

💼 Meta and Open AI continued their AI battle with Meta launching new AI features and AI-enabled sunglasses, while Amazon invested in a leading AI company.

🤖 Tesla showcased its updated Optimus robot and Microsoft launched Windows 11 with AI integration.

00:02:58 OpenAI's latest update to ChatGPT includes the return of web browsing feature, allowing website owners to control content accessibility. Additionally, ChatGPT now has multimodal capabilities, enabling it to read images and engage in voice dialogue. The update also introduces voice communication, making it more user-friendly. OpenAI has also provided Spotify podcasters with the ability to translate their voice into different languages. These advancements position ChatGPT as a powerful and versatile AI tool.

🔍 OpenAI disabled web browsing feature due to potential copyright risks.

🌐 Chat GPT now has multimodal capabilities, allowing it to read images and engage in voice dialogue with users.

🗣️ Chat GPT can now communicate with voice and have full conversations, expanding its usability.

🔊 Spotify podcasters can translate their voice into different languages, reaching a wider global audience.

📚 These new features make Chat GPT highly impressive and promising, surpassing Siri in capabilities.

00:05:56 Biggest Week in AI News: OpenAI jokes about achieving AGI, Johnny I rumored to work on the iPhone of AI, Tesla's Optimus robot makes impressive progress, Meta launches Meta AI with advanced conversational assistant.

🔑 Open AI jokingly claims to have achieved AGI, causing confusion in the AI community.

💡 Rumors suggest that Johnny I and Sam Alman are collaborating to develop an AI device with backing from SoftBank.

🤖 Tesla's Optimus robot shows significant improvement, including self-calibration and advanced abilities.

🌐 Meta introduces Meta AI, an advanced conversational assistant, and enhances its AIS with more personality and interests.

00:08:54 Meta launches new AI features and products, including generative art, image editing, and smart glasses with AI functionality. They also release the latest version of their Quest VR headset, competing with Apple's upcoming Vision headset.

🔍 Meta is introducing AI generative art functionality into their products, including Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

👓 Meta is launching smart glasses in partnership with Rayban, offering various AI features like live streaming, photo capturing, music playing, phone calls, and chatting with meta AI.

🎮 Meta has released the Quest 3 VR headset with improved processing power, graphics, resolution, slim profile, and sound quality, preparing for competition with the upcoming Apple Vision headset.

00:11:55 Biggest Week in AI News: New open source AI model beats benchmarks, Amazon invests in AI company, Amazon brings generative AI to Alexa, Leonardo launches new feature Elements, Microsoft launches Windows 11 with co-pilot.

New model called MISTL 7B beats Llama 27B on benchmarks

Amazon acquires stake in AI company Anthropic

Amazon brings generative AI functionality to Alexa

Leonardo launches new feature called Elements

Microsoft launches Windows 11 with co-pilot

00:14:54 The biggest AI news in months: Windows 11 introduces Co-Pilot, SpaceX wins a US military contract, CIA develops an AI tool, Quantum Computing's potential, and YouTube launches new AI features.

👉 Windows 11 introduces a powerful AI assistant called co-pilot.

🚀 SpaceX wins a major contract for satellite communications with the military.

🕵️ The CIA is developing its own AI tool to rival China's capabilities.

💻 Quantum Computing has the potential to revolutionize various industries.

🎥 YouTube launches AI features, including AI video and a free editing app.

00:17:53 A video showcases upcoming AI features for YouTube creators. Google's Gemini, a competitor to OpenAI, is discussed. AI technology continues to evolve.

📺 The video discusses exciting upcoming AI features for YouTube creators, including tailored video ideas, autodubbing in multiple languages, and assistive music search.

🎥 The video showcases a visually stunning giant skeleton display during a concert, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

💡 Google is developing Gemini, a competitor to OpenAI's GPT-3, with multimodal features and access to the internet, data, and the ability to write code and generate images.

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