Exciting Update for ChatGPT: Introducing Multimodality with Vision and Hearing Abilities!

OpenAI announces a huge update for ChatGPT, including multimodality with vision and hearing abilities. Exciting possibilities for travel, cooking, math help, and more. Free access with GPT-5 release.

00:00:00 OpenAI announces a huge update for ChatGPT, including multimodality with vision and hearing abilities. The update will be available to ChatGPT Plus users for voice conversations and image uploads. Free users may have access once GPT-5 is released.

🔑 OpenAI has announced a groundbreaking update to Chat GPT, enabling it to see, hear, and speak, utilizing multimodality technology. This feature will be available to Chat GPT plus users on iOS and Android.

🌟 The announcement of DALL-E 3 and the inclusion of DALL-E 3 in Chat GPT has generated excitement within the community.

💡 OpenAI's decision to limit the multimodality feature to Chat GPT plus users is due to the technical limitations of older models. Free users may have access to similar technology once GPT 5 is released.

00:04:37 AI NEWS: ChatGPT introduces voice and image features, surpassing Alexa. Enables conversation using pictures and uploads. Exciting possibilities for travel, cooking, math help, and more. Integration of plugins with voice and vision capabilities. Available on IOS and Android.

Chat GPT app allows for voice conversations and image sharing, making it a versatile assistant.

The vision capabilities of Chat GPT are expected to be more powerful than Bing chat's current capabilities.

The app can be used for various tasks, such as step-by-step recipe guides and math problem-solving.

00:09:13 The video discusses the latest updates in AI technology, including new speech models and image analysis capabilities. It compares different voices and highlights the preference for a specific voice. It also mentions the availability of the AI system on PCs and Macs.

🤖 The new Texas speech model has impressive expression capabilities.

☕️ Instructions for making the perfect iced latte.

🎧 Different AI voices are compared for their quality and suitability.

🥔 The origin and usage of the phrase 'potato potato.'

🖼️ ChatGPT's image capabilities, including image analysis and focus tools.

00:14:33 The video discusses the impressive vision capabilities of the new ChatGPT update, demonstrates how it helps users adjust their bike seat using images, and mentions the potential multi-modality features in GPT 3.5 and 4. It also highlights how Spotify is using text-to-speech technology for podcast translation.

🔍 The new ChatGPT update includes an impressive vision feature that can provide instructions based on uploaded photos.

🔧 The AI accurately identifies tools and provides instructions for using them, even for users who are unfamiliar with tools.

🌐 Spotify is using AI voice technology for voice translation to help podcasters translate their podcasts.

00:19:10 Huge update for ChatGPT, free access to DALL-E 3, rumors of GPT-5, and Microsoft Bing's integration with AI models. ChatGPT safety measures discussed. Get subscribed for more updates!

👄 OpenAI is working on improving lip-syncing for their models.

🔒 OpenAI emphasizes the safety measures they have taken with their models.

👀 The Bing Chat Vision model does not automatically blur out faces.

💬 TransGPT's vision capabilities are highly anticipated.

🆓 DALL-E 3 is now available for free in Bing Chat AI and Bing Image Creator.

🤔 Speculations about powerful internal OpenAI models have surfaced on Reddit.

00:23:46 OpenAI rumors suggest a powerful model codenamed Oricus, similar to GPT-4 but with better capabilities, low hallucination rates, and high-quality training data. There are doubts about its authenticity and claims of consciousness. Anthropic receives $4B funding from Amazon. Microsoft unveils Co-pilot for Windows 11.

OpenAI is developing a powerful AI model called Orcus that surpasses GPT-4 and performs close to human experts in various fields.

Orcus is an autonomous AI agent that can perform tasks and is scheduled to be released in 2024.

Anthropic received a significant investment from Amazon, indicating the ongoing competition in the AI industry.

Microsoft introduced Co-pilot, an AI companion for Windows 11 that enhances productivity and incorporates various capabilities.

00:28:27 Windows releases a game-changing copilot feature integrated with Microsoft 365, allowing for seamless AI-assisted productivity and creative tasks.

💡 The main takeaway is the introduction of Copilot, a powerful AI tool integrated into Windows 11 that can perform various tasks, including opening and organizing programs, summarizing content, and editing photos.

🚀 Copilot adds significant value to Microsoft 365 and is considered a game-changing technology in the AI field.

📅 Copilot will be available on Windows 11 starting tomorrow, providing users with a range of powerful AI capabilities to enhance their productivity.

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